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There are some people in the world, a few of whom post on SF, who have long-ish hair and incorporate it into their style, but I predict that you will never be taken seriously, neither here on SF nor out there in the real world, as long as you persist with that sweeping crash helmet thing. It's time to grow up and start looking like a mature man if you want to be considered as such. I realise that sounds dreadfully old-fogeyish, but it happens to be the way of the world...
Don't tease us with headless shots Iso - enquiring minds want to know if you're still sporting that egregious pudding bowl haircut or not. If not, these pics look very creditable but any points attained with these decent looking threads will be negated if you are still the Asian Bieber.
For Grenadine fina they are the best price around. Decent selection of colours. Fast efficient service. Very nice ties. I have a wine coloured fina I no longer wear if anyone looking in is interested.
As does SF.Its more acceptable in America than in England / Europe, but you'll see well dressed people on both sides of the water who adopt this look (including style / sprezz icon Gianni Agnelli) and an equal number who dislike and ridicule the look, so good luck hoping for an SF consensus.I believe its a bit of a Trad look so those who are into that theme will like it. If you saw 'The Bishops Wife' on TV over Christmas you may have noticed Cary Grant adopting the look...
Eric you have an absolutely hideous three button sharkskin suit that looks awful on you and doesn't fit well at all, and I'm sure you haven't worn it in at least a year. I would be more than happy to take it off your hands, such is the level of my magnanimous humanitarianism. Purely as a favour to you of course. PM for further details if you agree!
@ NOBD - that's a great looking donegal suit, and as I believe you to be a bit of a camera fiend I'm going to assume that the blue-gray colour is true to life.
They've at least put him on a one-button jacket this time, so he doesn't have to get confused over which one to fasten like before.
Aesthetically there's not much in it, go with your preference. Reliability / quality wise, I have a sporty Victorinox weekend beater which is a couple of years old and doing fine.I have no personal experience with Hamiltons but I understand that they have a good reputation Mechanism - If the Victorinox is a wind-up, that might be a deal breaker as I personally couldn't be chewed to remember to wind it up every day. And to the point above ... Black is a neutral colour...
Yeah great looking B3 there. Don't like the business-y shirt with it, should be more dressed down IMO.
This theme has come up a few times before. Its an interesting question and the general consensus (of which I too have been guilty) is that the biggest mistake is rushing out and buying too much too soon. People think they have reached some sort of end point in acquiring their sartorial knowledge and taste, and that they're ready to charge off into the mall or e-shop and load up on a load of swag. In time they often realise that their judgement was off, and as tastes (and...
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