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Not funny in the least.I like Isolation and I might even have complimented some of his pics in the past. He seems genuine and receptive to critique when its offered ...ExceptHis barnet is an abomination and I've mentioned this in the past. Like all critique he can choose to accept or ignore, but clearly I'm far from alone in thinking this. The fact that he bridles at being compared to Bieber - when even Bieber has discarded his pre-pubescent pudding bowl - inspired me to...
Would still be an improvement over that fucking crash helmet.
Very nice and unique too.
Double post.
Great blazer. Fix your flap!
Nice look ruined by unbuttoned collar buttons.
None of which is as egregious as being so exceedingly unashamedly ginger in public.
And me too!Thank you for that dose of sanity. The derby hate on this forum is getting ridiculous. They only lose out to oxfords on the formality scale through chronology and history, nothing more, once personal prejudice, adherence to convention and bandwagon jumping is put aside. And for those of us with high arches / insteps, it becomes an issue of health and comfort, which trumps convention.
Steve Urkel, style icon?
Fire your photographer Don, he cut your foot off! (One of my pet peeves, hate it when people do that. I spend a lot of time on my shoes and they just go and cut them off!)
New Posts  All Forums: