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I realize its 'your thing' Roy, but I think this photo demonstrates more than ever that trimmer trousers would look more flattering on you. However, as I don't post pics, feel free to ignore this comment.
I don't 'do' double breasteds myself PoP, and yours is obviously an unconventional version, but I think that high-buttoning four-to-button looks great on you and is an interesting variation that is sadly all too rare these days. I think, Lazenby wore a similar jacket in OHMSS, and I've seen something similar by the ridiculously overpriced Real Stars Are Rare. Was yours custom made or OTP?
Calm down man. He posted that eleven years ago. It might take him more than a minute to know you revived an eleven year old post.
Great advice here from GBR. Have you tried Hermes?
In-car selfies - why?Glasses look too big for your face.Black bars on your photos are very distracting. Aren't you a keen photographer? Can't you get rid of them?
See post number 2.
As Ian Malcolm says in Jurassic Park, 'Just because we CAN, doesn't mean that we SHOULD!' It invariably looks fucking shit, even more so by those who really should know better. If you can't be bothered to button your collar buttons or buckle your monk straps then just give up and don't bother at all. It never looks good IMO.
Didn't we just have a Claghorn challenge?
Two Formosas on this page with lapel button holes in a weird position. Never noticed this before - is this their trade mark? Looks off to me.
Do you really need the difference between a dinner suit / tuxedo and a 'black suit' to be explained?
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