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So if it's gone, it's gone? Despite me trying to buy before the sale news, at non-sale price?
What's going on with this site? Tried to place an order yesterday pm - tie went into cart but when I looked at cart to check out tie wasn't there. Tried several more times (plus pc reboot etc) Gave up. Tried again, tie was reduced - woohoo! Still wouldn't load into cart. Tried to contact via site, e mail bounced back Tried to contact via SF PM - no response as yet. Tried one more time to buy tie today - no longer available.
This hats suits you very well Crusty, and folds naturally into today's outfit without looking overly conspicuous. I wonder if your interest in matters sartorial and acquisition of menswear stuff happened a bit later in life for you or was it something you've been into since you were a young lad?
Coxie have you seen Flying Monkey's green and purple checked tweed suit from Dashing Tweeds? It may make a believer out of you!
Great advice MF, should be writ large at the top of the front page!Also a well tailored, well fitting SS suit has every chance of looking just as good if not better than a $2k plus top brand suit that just doesn't fit or look right. We can all get snooty about full v half canvassing etc and yet ignore what is seen in the mirror.
The likelihood of correctly matching an odd waistcoat is slim, you'd be better off keeping your jacket on and if you must get a waist covering get a cummerbund instead of a waistcoat.
It's a fair comment, and I agree that you can get away with narrower jeans than say suit trousers, as you have done in your pic. I also think that Chelseas are arguably the best footwear to wear with narrow jeans, but even as someone who prefers a slim look, I do see a bit of a trend for very narrow trouser bottoms which can look jarring in an otherwise good pic, especially if the subject has canoe-sized feet!
You don't think it has some merit though?There are several pics posted lately with ankle-strangling trousers which seem to spoil an otherwise stellar outfit.
Come on Noodles, did you really spend two grand on a suit and send it off for alterations without even trying it on?I've measured my feet on a brannock as size 9 and yet from the same shoe brand can fit shoes from as wide a range from 7.5 to 9.5. Ditto for certain suit brands. Regardless of the label, the most accurate measure of how well something fits is not with a tape measure but to TRY IT ON!
I'm loving this drama but given Noodles' form, my suspicion is that he tried it on, sent it for alterations, wore it, took pics, and when after all that time and expense invested in a name brand suit via a lauded affiliate vendor, he didn't get stellar feedback and make it to the 20 thumbs page, his ridiculous neurosis kicked in and thus began his demands for satisfaction. I'm sure Noodles is a pleasant fellow in the real world but his incessant carping on this board...
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