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Just messing around with virtual dj and i can't stop!!! listen to what i just made.. what do you think?
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon new tweet from Cole Haan CEO "come see our ground breaking new spring collection at our brand new japan store!" it was kenneth cole... not cole haan
PM sent on the trickers.
I've been searching with no luck to find a fairly cheap pair of tan wingtip boots. the closest i have come was at urban outfitters but they only have size 13! I know you gents are used to more high end shoes but that is not an option for me, just graduated college and in the job market. any suggestions? trying to stay below 100-150. and tan is a MUST!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk My suggestion would be to just roll with it. You can't do much about either. Beat up shoes that've been carefully polished have a charm to them. The polish shows you care, the imperfections that you've been around the block. I like that! These are not to wear with suits or anything, i know they are far to warn out for that. More for just casual/weekend. Also, the scuffs are bad, i know, but with the flash...
Before.. After.. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get creases and that big 'slice' on the toe cap?
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE must...resist...snarky...reply... [breathe] please reply with a stupid comment, they are all welcome.. Those are not the shoes i will be wearing, i took that picture off this forum actually, just matched the color of the shoes i do have. Does it not match? or go well together? anyway, your dumb comment would give me the chance to rip into you anyway and flex my internet muscles
If I wear these, with these, what color shirts can i wear?? and also, does my belt have to match the shoes at all times? thanks!
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