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It certainly is possible, but that doesn't mean you should do it.
I just received the blue with white stripe grenadine today. I also just order two of the Thai shot silk ties to try them. I order color #3, the blueish red and #33, the brown. That makes over 60 of David's ties for me. I really don't buy any other ties any more.
NAMOR, I really like the green socks with the grey. I don't really wear green with grey but after seeing your picture, I am going to start doing it. It's not a combo you see often, but I think it looks great.
I have a lot of David's ties but I haven't tried the shot silk. I am about to order one though. I asked David about them and he indicated that they were a little more casual than other ties. He indicated they wouldn't be the best for a business situation. Nonetheless, I am going to order one. I think I am ordering #4, the blueish red shot silk. I will report back in about a month.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Not really tacky, but plain nasty. Any idea how dirty paper bills are? Wallets help you keep your pockets - and hands - clean. Nothing flashy about it. I agree, but I sanitize all of my bills when I receive them.
Why do people continue to buy from Gilt? I can't stand the group and I refuse to spend my money with them. Their policies, etc. are a joke. I would rather pay a little more for better service and support a merchant that cares.
Don't go with a wallet. Just wrap your paper bills around a couple of credit cards you use, your driver's license and any other essential cards and put a rubber band around them. The rubber bands from the asparagus stalks work great. You can carry it in your front pocket, it is not bulky and you will never lose it as the rubber band will not allow it to slide around or out. I've been doing this for years and I have a dozen wallets that I have retired. Some might think it...
Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA ^ the stripes on the collar. Vertical on one side, horizontal on the other. The buttons not being aligned is a given. It's a twill fabric. The "stripes" as you say are not really stripes, they are the fabric texture and all twill shirts have the same type of collar. If you recall, there was a recent picture of Spoo with a twill shirt on and the texture on the collar went the exact same way as the texture in...
Quote: Originally Posted by tgt465 This. As far as I know, CT never charges the "regular price", you always get the "sale price" or better. JAB on the other hand will charge you the "regular price" if you happen to buy the item at the wrong time when it's not on sale. In my view this is cheating ignorant people out of their money only because they don't know about the perpetual sales. As far as I know, it is not legal to state a "regular...
I find it interesting that JAB gets slammed all the time on this forum for their pricing strategies (I'm not talking about quality or lack thereof of their products,) yet CT and others that do the same thing get the love. What's up with that?
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