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Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Not really tacky, but plain nasty. Any idea how dirty paper bills are? Wallets help you keep your pockets - and hands - clean. Nothing flashy about it. I agree, but I sanitize all of my bills when I receive them.
Why do people continue to buy from Gilt? I can't stand the group and I refuse to spend my money with them. Their policies, etc. are a joke. I would rather pay a little more for better service and support a merchant that cares.
Don't go with a wallet. Just wrap your paper bills around a couple of credit cards you use, your driver's license and any other essential cards and put a rubber band around them. The rubber bands from the asparagus stalks work great. You can carry it in your front pocket, it is not bulky and you will never lose it as the rubber band will not allow it to slide around or out. I've been doing this for years and I have a dozen wallets that I have retired. Some might think it...
Quote: Originally Posted by tgt465 This. As far as I know, CT never charges the "regular price", you always get the "sale price" or better. JAB on the other hand will charge you the "regular price" if you happen to buy the item at the wrong time when it's not on sale. In my view this is cheating ignorant people out of their money only because they don't know about the perpetual sales. As far as I know, it is not legal to state a "regular...
I find it interesting that JAB gets slammed all the time on this forum for their pricing strategies (I'm not talking about quality or lack thereof of their products,) yet CT and others that do the same thing get the love. What's up with that?
What a talent! They look great, but they would even look better if you made the tongue out of leather instead of cardboard.
Quote: Originally Posted by brokencycle I just picked up 4 shirts from them including shipping for ~$125. So that shipping price seems wrong... just try calling them or search the webs for a free shipping coupon. That being said the CT slim fit fits me the best of any shirt I've tried. I'm a 15.5/35 and 6'1 165. Mind sharing with us exactly where we can get 4 for $125, inclusive of shipping? That's a real good deal. Thanks.
How about this one:
I received 3 more ties from David today. A navy grenadine fina silk, a greenish gold grenadine fina silk, and an Atkinson striped poplin #46. I received 5 from him last week. Beautiful ties all of them. I have nine more that are in various stages of production/shipping, bringing my Hober total to 61, and three more in the cart trying to decide to pull the trigger on them. I have a bad addiction and must stop. Does anyone know where I can go for tie rehab?
Quote: Originally Posted by SaveMeJebus for the Op, since you'd be buying off the UK site, you can use the following link to get shirts at 19.95 GBP - doesn't really help us in the USA, but might help you... It would help us in the US if we didn't have to pay the VAT on their UK site. For some reason, they believe that non-EU citizens should pay the same price as EU citizens. Thus, they collect the 20% premium, don't...
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