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I went with my son-in-law to JAB today. He needed a suit. I was talking with the sales associate and he was telling me how good their suits were. I quote, "Our signature gold are the equivalent of the top of the line Hickey Freeman or Oxxford and our Platinum suits are the equivalent of Brioni." I couldn't help myself and I started to laugh, he was offended. He said, "You don't believe me?" and I replied, "No sir, I don't. In fact, you don't know what you are talking...
I feel for you. Hober ties are like a drug addiction. You want to stop, but you just can't. Good luck!
I would be in for several if there is a round #2.
David just put up some new Macclesfield Madder ties that are absolutely gorgeous. I have over 80 of his ties and I thought I had everything I needed but he keeps coming up with new fabrics and designs. I must resist, I must resist...oh what the hell, what's a couple more ties! http://www.samhober.com/new-macclesfield-madder-ties/
Do you think it would be possible to take a light colored belt and turn it into a burnished dark green belt? I have some green shoes that need a green belt. Thanks.
I mailed 5 shirts to them to have a different collar put on and they never showed up. The USPS states that once they leave the US, they have no responsibility for the shipment. They were expensive fabrics too. MT stepped up and all I had to do was pay for shipping and they remade all 5 shirts and shipped them to me.
I agree it makes no sense. What also doesn't make sense is that you would buy the AE Sagamore. Not something I like.
Wow, it's nice of you to give him your opinion 4 years after the question was asked.
Why is it that you prefer blue based ties? Is blue just a favorite color of yours or do you find it to be a more universal color that works with most things? I too like blue, but I also have quite a few of Hober's Macclesfields that are lightly patterned but in many different colors.
Careful or it will be a problem. I have a terrible habit of buying ties from David. Working on number 80.
New Posts  All Forums: