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David just put up some new Macclesfield Madder ties that are absolutely gorgeous. I have over 80 of his ties and I thought I had everything I needed but he keeps coming up with new fabrics and designs. I must resist, I must resist...oh what the hell, what's a couple more ties!
Do you think it would be possible to take a light colored belt and turn it into a burnished dark green belt? I have some green shoes that need a green belt. Thanks.
I agree it makes no sense. What also doesn't make sense is that you would buy the AE Sagamore. Not something I like.
Wow, it's nice of you to give him your opinion 4 years after the question was asked.
Why is it that you prefer blue based ties? Is blue just a favorite color of yours or do you find it to be a more universal color that works with most things? I too like blue, but I also have quite a few of Hober's Macclesfields that are lightly patterned but in many different colors.
Careful or it will be a problem. I have a terrible habit of buying ties from David. Working on number 80.
I have over 70 Hobers right now and 5 more on the way. I have been selling, giving away everything else. I do have 6 Tom Ford's that I plan to keep.
In many states if you have the items shipped to your home country, you do not need to pay sales tax. That even works if you are a citizen of a state that has no sales tax. If you buy in person and carry the goods out, you are subject to sales taxes.
You are losing a lot of customers by only having your ties in 57" length. It's great you decided to have 3.5" as well as the 3.0" but why couldn't you have gone to a 60" tie as well?
The CEO of AE told me that the Moras will be placed on their custom shoe site sometime in August. They are back.
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