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These shoes look like they are on the wrong foot. The right shoe looks like it should be on the left foot and vice-a-verse.
That is a nice tie. This one from Sam Hober, is nice as well and at least the colors are similar. http://www.samhober.com/jacquard-stripe-ties/english-stripe-silk-tie-25.html
If I were you, I wouldn't wear high heels.
What a piss poor attitude. The guy offers nice shoes for a price. You don't like his price, so don't buy. I'm not a fan of his either. But why do you want him to go out of business? Simply so you can get great shoes for a low price. You're sick.
You need to get a VAT certificate so that non-EU citizens don't have to pay VAT. You can't be competitive, nor fair, until this happens. Not only that, if you are not, and it appears you are not, remitting VAT to the UK, you are putting yourself at risk for a lot of problems.
Gdot, what can you tell us about these shoes. They have some gorgeous shoes for a great price. I am especially interested in a pair in the olive patina. I have never heard of this brand so any info. you have would be appreciated. Thanks.
Love to support you, but you don't carry your ties in a 3.5" width nor in a 60" length. Sorry.
Wow, you guys are tough. The socks cost like $10. Get several pair, wear them daily, rotate them, throw them away when they wear out, buy more. They are socks after all.
What's up with all the cotton/poly blends? All I have are 100% cotton shirts or linen. Some of the cotton/poly blends are nice patterns. Are they worth it?
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