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Modern Tailor has some nice looking fabrics on their site that are moderately expensive (in the $110 range) that are also a 50 thread count. I'm not asking for a discussion on the pros and cons of Modern Tailor shirts, I'm just curious about these 50 thread count fabrics. Most of my shirts are a thread count of 100+. I know they will be a much looser weave, so why are they as expensive as they are? If anybody has tried these fabrics, what are your thoughts on them ? ...
Welcome to the forum, you're off to a good start. I always find that when jumping into a new situation, it's best to call people names and be critical. You have it down pat. Congrats!
Really, you would add just the bitter chocolate. What about the burgundy, the slate blue, olive, charcoal gray, purple (my favorite), and the dark sienna?
Actually, that's all I was thinking about when I wrote this. I think it's called sarcasm!
You should get some Cedarville shoe trees to go in your new C & J shoes. It would be a shame to not treat your shoes to the best.
When do you guys wear the satins? They seem like a much dressier tie that the prints, grenadines, etc. Thanks.
Which tie is this? I like!
Is it just me or are others struggling with the B & S forum? I find it miserable to scroll through the items. Many people do not put the sizes, lengths, etc., in their headlines and then when I click on the actual item to go into the description it is miserable to get back to where you were. Once you leave the detailed item description, the system does not put you back to where you were. It always reverts to the top of the page or in some cases it even takes me to...
I think it would be fun to see a couple of pictures of your ties that are more to your taste. Who knows, if enough people like your style, David might add more fabrics to his inventory.
These shoes look like they are on the wrong foot. The right shoe looks like it should be on the left foot and vice-a-verse.
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