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I am, right now, making a pledge to never buy a tie from charleston ties. Go pay for advertising and leave us alone.
That's great customer service; come back 2.5 years after the fact and say, "of course not true...!"You've sold me.
I have the dark purple/black and in fact I wore it last week to my daughters wedding. All the other men had matching ties that were purchased by the groom's family. I said I would rather wear my own tie. The grenadine matched pretty close to the others, but I guarantee I received many more compliments on my tie than did anyone else.As to when to wear a grenadine, I think just about anytime is appropriate. You can wear it in a business setting with a suit without any...
I just received this pair yesterday and I am wearing them today. I paid $277 delivered. They were on sale. I will report back after a few wearings. So far, they are really good looking shoes. I am happy with everything but time will tell with the leather. What I really like is the raw shoes that you can buy and chose your own patina. That looks interesting to me. I have been looking...
A shameless plug without measurements!
I now have 90 of David's ties. I would guess that I have 20+ grenadines. They have become my go to ties. I much prefer the grossas over the finas. They are incredibly classy, tone down any patterned shirt and compliment most every suit. My favorite colors are the slate blue, olive green and the dark sienna. I have the navy, bitter chocolate, burgundy, blacks, etc., but I find the three colors above to be the most interesting and the ones I use the most.
Like I said, aren't you special, and a little full of yourself.
I think it would be very appropriate to wear to the circus, the zoo, birthday parties for small children, political fundraisers, etc.
Wow, aren't you special. My guess is you spend more than you make and are in debt, OR, you spend a lot of money on clothes while you live in a dump. I'll bet you don't give much to charity or do much to help mankind. Pretty selfish are you?Obviously, the generalizations I just made are every bit as ridiculous as those you made.
Where can I get these boots? They are gorgeous.
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