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The ebay site also has the hangers in normal width. Having bought the most expensive hangers possible, Kirby Allison's from the Hanger Project, I can tell you that these ebay hangers for the price are second best. They are nice wood hangers that are thick enough to support the shoulders in a suit or sportcoat.
How about taking a look at these: http://cgi.ebay.com/12-pcs-Deluxe-wi...efaultDomain_0 I have many of Kirby Allison's hanger project suit hangers and they are great, but expense. I am thinking about getting some of these. Good luck
How much for the stove?
I am 6'4". I like modern tailor because after the first shirt I order, I tweeked the measurements and now they shirts fit me well. I watch their weekly sales and I usually purchase several shirts a month from them. They provide a good servce for a fair price.
I found their shirts do not work for me. I like many of their patterns, however, the fabric is not as good as others I have. I have resorted to ordering my shirts from Modern Tailor. The main problem I have with CT shirts is they are not long enough in the body for me. In addition, they do not place enough buttons down the front. I like to have the last button tucked into my shirt and it isn't possible with CT shirts. Also, after washing their shirts, the sleeves shrank...
What neck, I told you there isn't a neck.
Just open up a claim. If you can't get him to honor his commitment after you have paid him, just file a claim. I have had great success with ebay when filing a claim. It doesn't mean that you will get the item, but it does mean that you will either get the item or you will get your money back. My son-in-law works for Ebay and unfortunately I am not aware of any mechanism they have for forcing a vendor to sell to you. Good luck!
I think this one succeeds. Whenever I see a striped jacket sans striped matching pants, I too think "orphaned" jacket. The vast majority of them just don't work for me. However, given the width between the stripes and the elbow patches, I think this one could work.
I am new to the forum, but have been lurking for the past 6 months. I have recently lost a lot of weight (60 pounds with fewer calories in and lots of calories being burned) and thus I am having new suits tailored. I am 6'1" and have a really short neck. I would easily be 6'4" if I had a normal length neck, as the height of my shoulders is higher than anyone 6'4". I am broad chested and now without a gut. Almost all suit coats or sports jackets need to have the neck...
I can't PM you, but if you PM me, I will purchase this tie from you. Thanks.
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