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If you go to the banner, it now directs you to the site to donate but there is still no place on the site to indicate that you are going through Style Forum. Does it just keep track of it? I just want to make sure that we get the credit and that our donations will be matched. Thanks.
To get that price, are you planning on buying three of them?
They have a lot of nice ties, but when they don't carry them in longer lengths, it shuts a lot of us out.
It's clearly written in English to me. He is saying, quit spamming us!
I don't know how thick, but I purchased 10 pair for this guy on ebay, thinking they would break so I purchased multiple pairs. None have broken and I think I got all 10 pair for less than $100.
I'm in for a $100 from me and I"ll put in another $100 for Empty, which by the way, is a very appropriate name for him. His life sounds pretty empty to me.
What the hell are you doing on this forum? Shouldn't you be sleeping out in a public park somewhere in your tent with the OWS group? Get real!
I would say thanks for the info. and I would then buy shoe trees, tie hangers and the wide-shouldered contoured cedar hangers. You can't beat any of those three for $8 a piece.
I like the white pocket square with the circles. Which one is that? I can't seem to find it on the site. Thanks.
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