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There are only 3 fabrics to choose from unless you are a member. Why? I appreciate you having locations to be fitted, but you aren't going to get much internet business with your website and requiring membership to view fabrics, etc.
Size 11 us or 11 uk? Thanks.
Come on, somebody has to buy this Brioni tie. It is a great deal!
length & width?
No question that I have bought more than my fair share of ties I never wear. They are truly a waste of money. However, I have to think that Drakes' ties are no better that David Hobers, if as good. David uses great materials, has nice silks, wools, cashmere, etc., and custom makes them to my specifications. In addition, David's a great guy, gets really involved in the process, calls me from Bangkok whenever he has questions about my order, and just makes the buying...
I confess, I am a little with Iroh on this. I can afford to purchase Drakes ties (OK, here comes the moaning) yet I wonder why I should. I need a 62" long tie and they are 105 pounds at Drakes. I have bought quite a few Tom Fords from Spoo and a lot of ties from David Hober for much better prices. Unless I found a fabric or design that I had to have, I don't know why I would purchase ties from Drakes. I just got through looking at their pocket squares and they have some...
It appears that you need to make $344,000 to be in the top 1% of wage earnings in 2009. Interesting that roughly 44% of New Yorkers are above the $344,000.
Tell you what guys, I have a lot of Hober fabric swatches. I will be happy to mail a swatch or multiple swatches to anyone who wants them. I have almost all of the Macclesfield prints, the grenadine pin dots, the repp solids, the diamond weaves, the repp stripes and maybe some others. I easily have over a 100 swatches. Give me a pm with your address and the swatch you want and I will mail them out to you next week. There will be no cost to you. I will pay for...
Thanks LA Guy. I just made a contribution for me and for Empty.
+1, great color and not something you will see often. One of my favorites.
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