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Why would you be selling two of David's great looking ties? They should sell fairly easily. The purple one is out of stock. Good luck.
I don't see what it would matter if it were true. I am so dissatisfied with everything at Brooks Brothers that I won't buy anything there anyway. Their service is terrible, their internet site and shipping is terrible, their products for the most part, are not any better than the top of the line JAB. The one thing they do have over any other on-line merchant is that they are pretty good at sending out updates notifying you that the products you have purchased will not be...
David, I too am very interested in seeing pictures of the new grenadines. As you well know, your grenadines have become my favorite tie. When my next orders arrive, I will have 15 of them. I really never liked solid color ties, but with the greandines, the fabric details are so interesting that it makes for a perfect combination. By the way, I really like the color of the OP's grenadine. I hope you have a similar color with the new fabrics.
I just love this forum. A guy gets a nice new pair of shoes and so far everyone that has commented has been negative; too big, lacing sucks, knots suck, etc. Congrats, nice shoes!
Quote: Originally Posted by LukeM Each year approx 200,000 people disappear in the U.S. Some show up in large cities as transients or homeless people. Some simply run away from home and start a new life in a new city. However...many are never found and one possible theory is that they're kidnapped by aliens! Some of the stories about Dulce New Mexico and other locations suggest large scale hives of aliens working along side humans in experiments on humans...
Sorry to burst your bubble, but neither.
Quote: Originally Posted by soxpats Very strange thread with even stranger responses from Nick. What I learned is I would never do business in his shop. Very strange attitude toward his customers. Should have replaced the wife's shoes and did exactly what he did with the other pair but never should have charged the $30.00. Must have way too much business because he doesn't seem to care about his clients. I too have learned that I will never do...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett Exactly. The OP hasn't inflicted any damage on the merchant by anything he has said or done. The merchant has inflicted his own damage by the way he has or hasn't handled this issue. Quit bellyaching about the OP and start noticing what the merchant has done. This could have been an incredible win for the merchant had he stepped up, acknowledge a mistake and made it right. In fact, the OP totally...
Why haven't more of these ties been sold? They are great ties at a great price.
If you order the Peals from Brooks Brothers, good luck ever getting them. I order a pair of shoes from them and they never came. I started getting the dreaded "shipping delayed" emails and I just canceled my order. Brooks is not to be trusted. I will never order anything from Brooks.
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