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David just posted his new pin dot grenadines today. I have a feeling several of them are going to find their way into my closet. I can't wait for the garza finas. Some of them might come my way too!
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek On shell you have to exclusively use foal stem cells. Patek, Tell me about the dog on your avitar? Is it yours? Is it a pit? I have one almost identical. The brown spot over the eye on mine is smaller, but they sure look a lot alike.
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy Do you have some kind of notification set up so you can come into every Brooks Brothers related thread and shit all over them? We get it, they took forever to ship your order. One shipping problem, not an issue. Two shipping problems, becoming an issue. Three shipping problems, three too many. I have gone back through your threads and you sing the praises of BB. I get it. I shit on BB and you are a BB...
Yeah, like you would ever receive it! BB can't figure out how to ship what is purchased let alone make a shirt to custom specs and ship it. I can't imagine asking those people to do that. It is much too complicated for them. It's like asking your dog to go do the refrigerator, get a beer out, open it and bring it to you. Oh wait, a dog could probably do that before BB could figure out how to make a shirt and ship it.
I use it, I just don't like the tail wagging in the wind.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lightbringer Sometimes Drakes ties go on sale! And I feel that Drakes has some interesting striped grenadines that Hober doesn't. I agree with this statement. I do really like some of the stripped grenadines that Drakes has. Point well made. Also, I do need a custom length so for me it costs $200 to purchase one of Drake's grenadines. I don't think the custom work ever goes on sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast I'm not a big fan of knits; I actually don't much like the degree of openness to the weave and the crunchiness that others adore. The widely-available square-end versions are really quite casual looking too. I wear them occasionally, but only when I really feel I need their texture. On the other had, I really love grenadines. The feel of them is totally different a knit, despite a vague visual similarity. They're...
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh i usually try to get an spf 50+ sunblock on my shoes before the first wear. Get real will ya! An spf 50+ is entirely overkill. It's like putting premium gas in a Hyundai. All you really need is a good spf 18, preferably one with a little aloe in it.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay What about a tie pin? I prefer a pie tin over a tie pin any day. Just hang it from a string worn around your neck on the outside of your tie. Your tie never gets dirty that way.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek +1 They have been good to me and their service has usually been great (except their shipping around Christmas). I don't understand all of the BB hate. You obviously haven't ordered something from them, paid, been given a shipping date, and then have to wait months to receive it. I just canceled my last order from them after their third email saying the shipping had been further delayed. I won't do...
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