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I would like to try some of Drakes ties, but I need a 62" length and by the time I special order them, with a 3 order minimum, I am in to it $525, net of VAT, or so and that seems a bit much. I can and do order from David Hober and get very nice ties (he doesn't have some of the Drakes patterns though) for less and I believe his quality and construction is every bit as good. Do Drakes special order ties ever go on sale?
Sorry guys and gals, but I am having a hard time believing this. He would have to purchase approximately 55 ties (assuming an average $200 each) a month and that would be at full retail (I have even taken into account VAT.) I am having a hard time believing that anyone who would purchase 55 ties a month would have to pay full retail. Let's say he gets a 20% quantity discount, that equals to 70 ties per month. Good grief, does Marinella even have that many different ties?
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr That isnt what I said, I said they dont deduct 20% VAT, I was wondering why, if VAT was raised to 20%, they still deduct the old 17%. Ok, I think I now understand what you are saying. For example, if a widget, including VAT, is selling for 100 pounds, you are thinking that the VAT should be 20 pounds (100 x 20%) and therefore you should pay 80 pounds for the widget. Am I correct on this? However, this...
I love "best offer" as a buyer. Anytime I find someone that is selling something for $1 yet has shipping at $200 or so, I always make an offer. I offer 90 cents and "free shipping." I do it just to piss them off. I also use it when someone is selling an item for much more than it is worth. It's amazing how often you find an article that the seller has an over inflated opinion of it's value. I do it mostly for entertainment purposes. I smile every time I push the...
I like how he said he was sorry that his clothing was the most expensive clothing in the world. I have a feeling he wasn't "too sorry" about it. Got to give the guy his dues. His clothing probably wasn't any better than other top designers/makers but his marketing was outstanding.
I have a darker brown and I much prefer it over the standard camel hair color.
I appreciate the info, but I too think I will pass. Not my style, that's for sure.
If I only had three shoes, and each of them were different, I think the fourth shoe that I would get would be one to match one of the other three so that I would have a lest one matching pair. I have been known to wear mismatched shoes on occasions, but those were always accidents, a result of putting on shoes in a dark room so as not to disturb the Mrs.
David Hober just posted pictures of his new garza fina grenadines. The dark green looks much more like the color of the Wang grenadine. Check it out.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm this guy buys the shoes from the JL outlet/factory store and puts them on ebay for sale. What is wrong with doing that? If people are willing to buy his shoes at his price, I see nothing wrong with it. He has a 99.8% rating. I have never dealth with him, but I'm just curious as to why people feel he is doing something wrong.
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