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I was going to purchase some shirts from Ct this week and I sent an email asking the same question regarding VAT. I wanted to pay in British Pounds and have the goods shipped to the US. They gave me the same response. I didn't purchase anything from them as a result. I sent them a similar email saying that their margin on goods shipped out of the EU was 20% higher than their margin on goods shipped within the EU. How fair is that to non-EU customers? You are correct,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flartchy if you gonna wear monks please don't have a huge pot belly. For some reason when I see chubby dudes in monks it makes me feel nervous. If you're gonna wear monks please don't be a skinny little runt with tight pants showing your tiny little manhood. For some reason when I see skinny little dudes in monks it makes me feel nervous.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cuttingboard Looks golden yellow. I know, I am hoping the color is more along the lines of the Drake saffron grenadine.
Quote: Originally Posted by RogerC Mandarin orange Sam Hober grenadine. Because everyone should have an orange tie. I ordered this tie yesterday.
Why isn't AE coming back out with the Mora? I understand changing times and styles, but there is a huge demand for double monks and it just seems to me that they are really missing the boat here.
First problem, flying into VEGAS, the fun capital of the world you are not going to see the best dressed part of society. Second problem, as a liberal don't you think the gubernment should be supplying all of our clothes? Or is it just health care, retirement, mandatory paid maternity/paternity leave, public transportation, public television, and on and on and on, oh yeah, take away everyone's guns too. It seems that the current liberal gubernment is failing us. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by hugeevilrobot Cool thread, hansel. +1 and I really enjoy the pictures. Words cannot adequately describe them.
I am going to be wearing a white suit, with big ears and a cotton-ball style tail.
There is absolutely no question these are real. You need to buy one in every color and every style.
I'll pass, but to each his own. I much prefer more sedate cufflinks. I especially like some of the basic Tiffany designs, knots, balls, etc.
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