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David, Just ordered 3 more of your new Macclesfields. There are some real nice ties in this group. Congratulations! I now have 55 Sam Hober ties.
Could there possibly be anything more classy than a purple rubber band off of the asparagus stalks? That's what I use. Well, maybe a green Hermes rubber breast band but other than that, I can't think of a thing that works better.
Quote: Originally Posted by isshinryu101 please post your pictures, as well as measurements of the shoes. Threads with no info are a waste of time & will generate little or no interest. good luck +1, you've wasted my time.
One of the reasons people are selecting #2 is because of the contrast between the shirt and tie. I personally don't like the matchy matchy of same color shirt and tie. I like to have a tie that contrasts with my shirt but also coordinates with it. I would actually be ok with the lime shirt in the first picture but I would never put a green tie with it. Also, it wouldn't be a go to often shirt. Just a shirt to wear once in a while. With the lime green shirt, I would...
I would love to provide some advice, but I can't get past the length, width and knot size of your ties to focus on the combinations. I'm sorry, I know some athletes do this and the young guys in Europe, but it looks silly and it is not very professional. Look around at the business men in your community. Look at the successful ones. Do they wear ties like this? I sincerely doubt it.
I would go with #2. I think it would look better with the dresses. It will be more of a contrast but will still blend in well.
In order to be fair to everyone, somebody needs to start a "Men in Girls Garb" thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Around here they are worn by suburban dads to BBQ's (Tommy Bahama brand usually) or by skinny hipsters. On a rare occasion I will see an athletic and sun tanned guy wearing one at the beach with shorts and it will look OK but not great. They look awful on pale white guys anytime and anywhere. Every white guy in the Bay Area is a pale white guy, unless they are using tanning beds. You have very little...
Trust me, he is being serious. We have a "business casual" office and we had one new associate that wore a tie everyday. People would tease him, but everyone was wondering why he was doing it. We had several partners that were a little perturbed. I was the only one in the office today (50 people) that wore a tie. I try to wear a tie several times a week. I am the boss, so I am trying to set an example. I don't expect others to always wear ties, but I do expect them to...
Why is everybody getting fitted for a Muslim? I don't get it. Are we talking about a thobe and bisht? They look comfortable and you probably don't have to worry as much about weight gain and loss. I want one!
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