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Quote: Originally Posted by Gene Parmesan These ties look absolutely gorgeous, and David seems like a great guy. I'll definitely be ordering a couple of ties, at $80 I'd be foolish not to (I worry about shipping costs to the UK though, but from the website they seem reasonable!) Now the only problem is, with so much variety, how do I narrow my choices down? I had the same problem and I solved it. I have purchased about 2 a week. I have 57...
Unbeknownst to me, the definition of soporific has changed dramatically the last few days. Nice ties, but most are not soporific.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grenadier I received my order and wanted to give some thoughts Grenadine Ties I ordered two grenadine ties; one in navy and the other in plum. They are moderately slim and have a very unique red stitch going up the rear. The fabric is beautiful, but the lining feels a bit stiff: getting a dimple is a bit difficult. Still, very nice. Socks These are stunning. I ordered a lilac/lavendar striped sock and a cherry red...
You are correct sir, it is a feeble attempt if you are going to use Image Shack. Nice frogs though!
Over the past year, I have ordered more than 50 ties from David. His ties are of outstanding quality and the value proposition is incredibly high. Over 25 of the ties are his grenadines, solids, stripes, and dots. They have become my go to tie. If you haven't ordered from David, do it.
Ascot has a pair of John Lobb Milton's for $670. Is that a decent price? It looks like they are probably seconds, but it isn't clear. Thanks.
If it was $5 for the lot, I wouldn't say he over paid, but he certainly wasted $5.
Find the thread on Viccel. Very good socks for a reasonable price. I recommend the winter weight cotton socks. Good luck
Quote: Originally Posted by kellgy Dumb question. What is VAT? VAT is the thing they make beer in. American's don't get any of the french beer that usually accompanies all orders shipped within the EU.
Look at David Hober's macclesfield print ties. There are a lot of very nice, subtle geometric prints in a wide range of colors. Your current collection doesn't have any of this type of tie.
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