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I understand that Robinsons offered you a free pair of shoes, however, I would refuse them. When I complain, I do so to fix a wrong and to make it known to management what has happened, and not to get something for free. You have fixed a wrong and you have been made whole. To get anything else out of the deal cheapens your complaint. There are too many people in this world that bitch, moan and whine so they can get free stuff. I can't stand these type of people. You don't...
Over the years I have found that the ties that have bright colors or patterns get the most compliments. However, I rarely wear them anymore and prefer the more subtle colors and textures. I think they compliment the entire outfit (suit, shirt, shoes, etc.) much more and I get the "you look nice" compliment instead of the "I like your tie."
Couldn't agree more. I now have over 100 Hober's and have been unable to find anything that matches the quality and customization for the price.
I have a 2009 S class with 34,000 miles and I can't wait to get rid of it. The sun roof rattles, the driver door rattles, the Bluetooth microphone is a joke and the Sirius radio antenna has constantly had trouble with reception even after being replaced. To top it off, the driver's seat makes noises every time you turn the corner or go up a hill. For $100k, one should expect a much better car. The S class makes as many noises as my lifted Jeep Wrangler. I don't know what I...
Enjoy the little guys. They grow up way too fast!
I think they are absolutely gorgeous. I love the color, the style, everything about them. I just wish I knew which ones you are talking about.
White suit, black shirt, white shoes, red nose.
Remember the first rule of holes, when you are in one, stop digging. The more you talk, the deeper you go. You tried to scam the company and got caught. Suck it up bud and quite complaining.
I hope you are not serious.
Remind me to never sell you anything. You are entitled to your opinions and if they are defective in your eyes, return them. I could live with all of it without a problem.
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