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I would send them back. Heck, don't we all expect 2nds to be perfect! In addition, I would ask them for a full refund and a new pair of 1sts for your trouble. Wait, that doesn't make sense. Ask them for 2 pair of 1st for your troubles and make sure they pay the shipping. Good grief, any company that would send you a pair of 2nds with flaws in them should have to suffer the consequences of providing a poor quality product.
Nothing wrong with a civic. They are great cars. I've had a civic and it was one of the best cars I have ever had.
Not mad in the least that people want to take advantage of sells. That's the American way, go for it.What I find incredibly humorous is the people that bitch that they can't get what they want on sale or when they get the sale item, they are not happy to because there is some minor flaw. Good grief, I too take advantage of sales, but I don't bitch about everything little problem or that I can't get exactly what I want.Stop and think about it, AE products great products for...
I'm with you brother on that. When my lease was up on the S550, I was one happy camper. For $100k, you should get much getter quality. I am now driving a Jeep Wrangler and a Jeep Grand Cherokee and for the money I couldn't be happier.I am just glad that Allen Edmonds is an American company making great shoes for a very fair price. I have over 30 pairs of their shoes. I get a kick out of all the bitching and moaning that goes on in this thread from guys that are "lookin for...
I'm sitting here laughing at you guys. Go back through this thread and read about all the guys bitching about not being able to get discounts on MTO's, wanting discount codes to lower their cost even more, or receiving 2nds with slight flaws, and wanting to know if they should send them back. The majority of the guys on this thread are either in LA LA land or are simply cheap bastards. How does one expect Allen Edmonds to stay in business with customers like you guys? For...
Also, while we are talking about discount codes on the Allen Edmonds stuff, does anyone know where I can get a 50% code for the Sam Hober ties? I really like them but I am sure not willing to pay his ridiculous prices. Thanks.
Does anyone know where I can get a 50% off code for the 2 for $250 deal that is going on? In addition, I sure as hell don't expect there to be any flaws whatsoever on the 2nds. They should be exactly like 1sts. Thanks.
Does anyone know where I can get a NEW pair of 12d brown shell cordovan Daltons, NOT seconds, for under $100?
Hopefully these are seconds, you got them at a significant discount, you can send them back because they have creases, you should expect to get new 1st back in cordovan and a full refund. Makes sense to me.
I would imagine that AE would like to say what I am going to say, but they probably won't, because of the "customer is always right" mantra and they don't want to upset any customer from Style Forum. I would imagine that AE is glad that the majority of their customers are not from Style Forum. As I go back and read through this forum, I am amazed at the people who do everything they can to get a DEAL. If AE only sold to SF members, they would go broke. In addition, I am...
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