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Can anyone direct me to where I can find a crewneck similar to this with different coloured body and sleeves. Thanks for any help you guys can give me.
If anyone is in Canada. If you buy them from (through, you will get 24% cash back. Coupon code Thanks!15 will also get you 15% off on the order. Makes it about $224.40, if I did my math correctly. Pretty good deal if you're looking to get these boots.
Can anyone help me identify this peacoat? Was told it's a Spiewak.
anyone have an opinion on this pea coat from brooklyn industries? on sale for 120 but I'm not sure about the quality of it.
Selling these good condition Paul Smith Ricard boots. Bought these from DLester, and never wore them much. $260 shipped. More pictures:
Can anyone ID this shirt? Some sort of black buttoned gingham?
sent pm.
Contacted seller a week and a half ago through his aim, was told package was shipped. When I asked for the tracking #, he told me he'd give it to me "when I get home." Haven't received anything, seller hasn't come online for a while (AIM and styleforum). The item I bought hasn't even been removed from his listing. I don't know how to proceed.
shirt #6 sold to me. looking forward to getting it
Quote: Originally Posted by NationalBoxer Bought and paid for utility jacket on Sunday. Looking forward to getting it. Unfortunately, it looks like I may have been scammed. Paid for jacket last Sunday, sent multiple emails and pms asking for updates on the shipping. OP said he was busy and to give him a few days, I have given him more than the requested amount of time. During that extra time I gave him, he completely disappeared from the forum...
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