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If anyone is in Canada. If you buy them from shoeme.ca (through ebates.ca), you will get 24% cash back. Coupon code Thanks!15 will also get you 15% off on the order. Makes it about $224.40, if I did my math correctly. Pretty good deal if you're looking to get these boots.
Can anyone help me identify this peacoat? Was told it's a Spiewak.
anyone have an opinion on this pea coat from brooklyn industries? on sale for 120 but I'm not sure about the quality of it. http://www.brooklynindustries.com/men-jackets/ellis-peacoat-2011?productOptionIDs=294a85dc-f67d-4b18-80f6-b729213708df
Selling these good condition Paul Smith Ricard boots. Bought these from DLester, and never wore them much. $260 shipped. More pictures:
Can anyone ID this shirt? Some sort of black buttoned gingham?
sent pm.
Contacted seller a week and a half ago through his aim, was told package was shipped. When I asked for the tracking #, he told me he'd give it to me "when I get home." Haven't received anything, seller hasn't come online for a while (AIM and styleforum). The item I bought hasn't even been removed from his listing. I don't know how to proceed.
shirt #6 sold to me. looking forward to getting it
Quote: Originally Posted by NationalBoxer Bought and paid for utility jacket on Sunday. Looking forward to getting it. Unfortunately, it looks like I may have been scammed. Paid for jacket last Sunday, sent multiple emails and pms asking for updates on the shipping. OP said he was busy and to give him a few days, I have given him more than the requested amount of time. During that extra time I gave him, he completely disappeared from the forum...
Bought and paid for utility jacket on Sunday. Looking forward to getting it.
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