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thanks but is there a ballpark?
Has anyone had a suit made? Is there a way to estimate the cost of a suit using a particular trouser fabric, for example? I'm thinking of sending in a jacket to have copied along with my trouser measurements on file but have no clue how to price out suits or if there's a secret suit fabric section I don't know about.
I have three unworn grenadine ties I purchased from the Knottery. I have a short torso and the ties are simply too long for me. They are Forest Green (61" length), Silver Grey (62"), and Chocolate Brown (60"). They are all 3" width.
Are people who use the NOBD II collar using collar stays? I just got my first shirt with this style and I'm not really liking it as much as the English/semi-spread I used with a previous tailor. Used to it laying flat without stays and also accommodating them whereas with the NOBD II, stays make the tips curl under. Just my particular body style (I have pronounced collarbones) or is it one of those "That's not how this works! That's not how any of this works!" type...
setting everything up applying reno hermes red cream polish on merlot AEs -- not a perfect match (their premium polish is actually really good) but wanted to redden the leather a bit for this go round wax polish on the bourbon -- mix of brown and mahog applying a few extra layers of neutral wax to both pairs quick buff of the toe cap and edge dressing applied They were in pretty good shape to begin with so I didn't do too much. All in all took me about 90 minutes...
I wear a 9.5E in both PA and Mora 2.0.
Okay so someone covered the Independence lining, but can anyone comment on Independence insole pad? I wasn't 100% clear on whether that's something people normally get, but I got it. However, my invoice lists it and it says "OK'd by customer," and now I'm concerned I made a stupid choice and I shouldn't have. Can anyone shed some light for me? Edit: I asked AE CS and this was the response. It sounds like it's a good thing, but still concerned why specifically noted that I...
Got Mora 2.0s in Bourbon and am a bit disappointed in the color. Not as dark as the Bourbon Strands I already have. Thinking about going MTO for Merlot Mora 2.0s with Allison. Would be same $293.25 price, correct? Any thoughts on a burgundy/merlot Mora? Would love to get a second opinion on whether this is something I should even be entertaining.
no matter how shitty their suits turn out, they have a hardline no refund policy and do not waver. trust me.
I bought these a while back ($129 sale on BB Seconds) and I never wore the PAs as I was saving them for more special occasions since I already have Fifth Aves and PAs in Merlot. As I was shining them, I noticed that the stitching is off on the toe cap of one shoe. I'm far beyond return period, so that's not an option. Questions: 1) how noticeable do you think it is in all honesty. I'm not fishing, so if it is noticeable, please say so; 2) is this something a cobbler can...
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