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Thom Browne Salmon/White Striped Oxford Sz 0 $120 shipped in the US Everybody knows Thom's shirts, impeccably tailored and well made, 9/10 condition, bought this oxford from Neiman's in Chicago at retail about a year and a half ago, has been worn only a handful of times, the front tag has been removed, has sat in my closet for a while- but a shirt of this quality doesn't deserve to not be worn. Photos: http://imgur.com/a/r2VzW Measurements: S to S: 16 in P to P: 19.5...
Bump it up, last price drop before I leave... -Also grey diors have been taken off hold status
PM's responded to, my pictures now work fine, Grey Dior's on hold, and price drops
Drops on a few items- RG, Dior Soulmates, and the TB blue oxford have been sold.
BUMP IT UP, 5 new items added at very low prices- leaving for france soon- need some cash!
Will be posting some new sales tomorrow at low prices.... - 2 pairs of Dior jeans (28 & 29) - 2 Thom Browne oxfords (size 0) - Rag & Bone corduroy's (30) --> Also added Geller shirt! At only 60$ shipped!!
Couldn't edit my old thread, starting new one... HEADING TO FRANCE FOR THE SUMMER- NEED SOME CASH- HELP A BROTHER OUT!!! Orthodox Varsity Jacket XS I picked up this jacket from Gilt Groupe a couple months ago and I thought I would wear it but unfortunately I don't think it really fits my style. Bought for $300.00, selling for $200>> $190 >> $180 >> $170>>$160>>$150 shipped in the US. Still have the tags. Took some very quick shitty pics of just the front and the...
Quote: Originally Posted by APK If I remember correctly, Charly used to lift the morning of his cheat day. No idea if he still does. The person who has really championed this technique (the person who is training Charly right now) recommends that both the cheat day and the fast day be non-training days. Interesting, two off days in a row? hmm did he say why he does this by any chance? Wouldn't it be beneficial to stimulate your...
I'm beginning to start my new eating plan as a result of me feeling like I'm plateauing in regards to my fat loss, I will be implementing the cheat day-fast day (then clean eating for the rest of the week) method, mrchariybrown I know you do this, and just wondering if you have a workout on this day.... I think I'm going to do a 20 min HITT or complex session in the morning. Any opinions would be appreciated.
Price dropped, a good amount of interest but no takers yet
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