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Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren This does raise the question: What is the 2007 equivalent of the 1987 Gordon Gekko look? its also a sign that the equity market is froth 87 ---- 07 remember the crash of 87
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond Great way to ruin a classic. The shitty sequel's alwyas stand in my mind when i think of a great movie that someone tried to make into a sequel years later. I sincerely hope its never made. well said - i completely agree
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso i will have pics soon
i ordered two pairs of MTM trousers today. One was the relatively basic cloth $495 and the other was the 15 mil mil 15.. abou 795 i believe anyone have experience with mtm trousers from zegna?
First trip to geneva today. Met with eugene for a fitting and picked out four TM gold for shirts two solid a check and a stripe. Eugene is very easy to work with. Greeted by eugene first he measured me. About ten measurements or so. We went over the choices for styling. I chose their spread collar style no front placket two shirts square french cuff and two 2 button barrel cuff. He had TM gold and silver books. Loro tiamo(something like that) and a lot of stock...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 CEGO is the cheapest, I believe. i know their the cheapest but im wondering is the marginal utility (utility = quality of construction + fit + fabric) more than the marginal cost? or is the extra cost for say a shirt at geneva not worth the extra money? i.e. cego shirt is just as good or just a tad worse and not worth paying double @ geneva
Based on Quality of Shirt&Fit of shirt / Price the ratio of quality/fit to price is CEGO or geneva better? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by jagela Just spent a few days in palm beach, and there was much that reminded me of this forum. Here are a few observations in no particular order. The clothes: I saw much to enjoy. Nobody wears jeans. Without exaggeration, I did not see a single person, male or female, wearing denim. The women wore dresses, skirts and heels. The men wore tailored clothing. I don't particularly like the predominant style, it is too retro for...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Grapist If you got the cash, you can print out a picture and go to the 5th floor of Burberry and say "make me that one." Or, I don't know, go to Armani? oh is this an armani line or was this just ozwald attending an armani show or something? im not sure whats a made-to-order burberry trench go for? 2k?
where does one get a coat like this in new york area? how would i describe this to clothier who could help me find? thanks
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