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Quote: Originally Posted by vonwotan I highly recommend Carl's shirts. I have been a customer since my first internship with (what was) the First Boston Corporation in 1986. Even after I moved from New York Carl has been terrific about sending plenty of swatches that I really like, and I've stopped in from time to time when home to visit. My next trip home I plan to make a few adjustments to the style I've worn for years but have never had a...
Looking to outfit my closet with very dark wood hangers
Quote: Originally Posted by RIDER This is the manufacturer of all the branded real horn shoe horns that I have seen. http://www.dunkelman.com/productcategories.php Lobb, EG, Carmina, etc., etc. those shoe trees are beautiful - i wonder where i could pair some
They need it to be serious (like the first one was) and they should not get tacky about it. Every single movie/tv show i've seen about wall street since the original movie has been so cheese. i.e. boiler room, the wall street show on the HD channel about some hedge fund managers, everything on CNBC, etc. for example - the apprentice with these young dorks who think they r hollywood/business poeple is just disgusting they need it to be raw, hardcore, with a...
i ordered two pairs of MTM trousers from Zegna and I wanted them to be slim-fit (see photo below I wanted like this) I tried on RTW trousers and they seemed pretty loose (like drapey slacks) I told the tailor i wanted slimmer but it is bothering me because I'm not sure he gets the point (arrogant aholes dont listen) anyhow - i wonder if I should call an tell them i need to stress how I want the pants Are zegna trousers typically slim fit like this?
$75 to $85 for shirtings.. i guess a packet is enough for one shirt.. what is the fabric 100s 120s?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso Then, I eagerly await.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reuters I would love to see it. This signals that 15,000 by year end. probably by the end of this month then a huge crash
[quote=LSeca;507881]I have a navy blue 15mil mil 15 MTM Zegna blazer that should arrive anytime. I am hesitant about the silver buttons I chose but not the bright red lining. QUOTE] when did u order? i wonder when my pants will come in 3-4weeks i guess
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren This does raise the question: What is the 2007 equivalent of the 1987 Gordon Gekko look? its also a sign that the equity market is froth 87 ---- 07 remember the crash of 87
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