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Quote: Originally Posted by EnglishLapel What possible rationale would you have for choosing a highly tapered trouser? You mentioned a couple posts back that these were made by Ambrosi, I believe. I have never heard of Ambrosi outside of this forum, had you? He has produced nothing that looks even halfway decent for anybody here. The non-balanced highly tapered look doesn't flatter anyone (at least pictured here), and it seems obvious at this point he...
Yes. Dickie Greenleaf.
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB Be pregnant
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Latest pair in red. Panta. I also have a brick red pair of Kiton moleskins. - B The Panta's looks nice - how is the cut? trim or full?
Quote: Originally Posted by Chips It's funny, because I've been looking for a while, but after reading this thread, it sparked my interest anew. But nothing shows up on J Crew, Lands End etc, in red. I did see a pair of Barbour on eBay for about $50, but they were regular fit, and pleated, so I think I'll pass on those. Even if I were to have the legs slimmed a bit by my tailor, wouldn't they look off with pleats? ::calling ambrosi::
Quote: Originally Posted by tim_horton What do you wear with red trousers, and in what situations? I'm seeing the Panta ones in my mind's eye paired with a blue sports coat, white shirt and brown shoes... don't know if I have the cajones to pull it off though. EDIT: Never mind, I found a similar thread. what thread? please provide link - thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Toronto34 Valentini Sartoriale, A deep red. Love them where do you buy them?
Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat "Tip #1: Wear sunglasses always. Whatever the weather, and all year round. They must be expensive, branded and make you better looking!"
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