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Quote: Originally Posted by Buck Rogers I recently lost about 65 pounds and have the unfortunate or fortunate situation of having to replace the "staples" in my wardrobe. I am in the market for a blue sportcoat, not a blazer (which is a distinction that I can't seem to articulate, but "know it when I see it"). My preferences are: 1. I really like a "soft shoulder" - I have found that Isaia has a shoulder that typically fits my taste. 2. I would...
latex. of course only from vandalay
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan If you're talking about the ones everyone in Italy is wearing right now and constantly depicted on the Sartorialist, go to Belgian Shoes on 55th, off Park. oh mr. fan - you always read my mind. bless you
What are some of the best places to shop for loafers - good selection of stylish loafers... not too stuffy / conservative ... a happy medium would be nice. great quality but young/modern
Quote: Originally Posted by EnglishLapel What possible rationale would you have for choosing a highly tapered trouser? You mentioned a couple posts back that these were made by Ambrosi, I believe. I have never heard of Ambrosi outside of this forum, had you? He has produced nothing that looks even halfway decent for anybody here. The non-balanced highly tapered look doesn't flatter anyone (at least pictured here), and it seems obvious at this point he...
Yes. Dickie Greenleaf.
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB Be pregnant
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Latest pair in red. Panta. I also have a brick red pair of Kiton moleskins. - B The Panta's looks nice - how is the cut? trim or full?
Quote: Originally Posted by Chips It's funny, because I've been looking for a while, but after reading this thread, it sparked my interest anew. But nothing shows up on J Crew, Lands End etc, in red. I did see a pair of Barbour on eBay for about $50, but they were regular fit, and pleated, so I think I'll pass on those. Even if I were to have the legs slimmed a bit by my tailor, wouldn't they look off with pleats? ::calling ambrosi::
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