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I noticed in Tom Ford S/S 2011 - almost every look features a small silk necktie... thoughts on this?!?
What shirt/trousers/shoes to pair?
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey White bucks. Not sure why, but I am feeling them. A linen suit. Haven't found a good one yet, but I am on the prowl. Probably blue. A few pairs of chinos - khaki as well as a few other colors (thinking stone and slate grey to start). White jeans. I have never had the guts to pull the trigger on these for the past two years. Maybe now? how dark of a linen suit?
A bottle of Pimm's? Swimwear? Green shorts? A beach hat? Ferrari convertible?
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl Panerai PAM190 if you can find one. Rolex Daytona - classic Panerai 246 is nice w/ brown strap
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius That's an awkward price point. You're just on the cusp of truly high-end watch, but are still floating in really nice Rolex territory (not that there's anything wrong with that). You might want to save up another 5K and go PP or AP. at 15k, what model PP do you think is superb?
Quote: Originally Posted by rnyc1 Are you looking for a sport or dress watch? I'd like one that could be either but perhaps leaning more towards dress than sport.
Any suggestions at this price point?
flowers, candy, food, sex toys, anyone? same-day delivery is a must
Quote: Originally Posted by JSC4President What are you favorite places to have brunch? It seems like i have been going to Prune and ABC Kitchen lately. Need some new places to check out. Would appreciate suggestions. Thanks le bilboquet merkato bagatelle oak room i tre merli revel cipriani downtown lavo v.d.m.
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