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Quote: Originally Posted by banis Not always. YMMV
Quote: Originally Posted by hatguy ^still no pants and my emails are unanswered as well. I find it is easiest to speak w/ Sal over facebook.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Small-timers. I regularly unbutton my Ambrosi cuffs to brush out stray caviar. Very witty. Bravo.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 LOL definitely not Felix. Jane maybe but always overpacked and long waits. You should go to Cafe Falai on Lafayette - they expanded the space and is pretty roomy now. More importantly, the manager and staff love babies and are super friendly - often go out of their way to accomodate our annoying double stroller enricco, bald-headed chap, is a good guy @ Falai
or maybe Jane
Any places in NYC that are good to shop for resortwear?
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Holla at dat boy Spoo. holla
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber Judging by Tom Ford link, I think I will buy a wig as this summers must have accessory. that made me literally, lol. I think I need some Orlebar Brown shorts
i need some bathing shorts
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