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Pls delete this thread - thx
Quote: Originally Posted by hermes man so its true billionaires wears LV and burberry. I've found that many Asian folk who accumulate some money love to flaunt very popular brands that people associated with luxury. i.e. LV/Burberry.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexSF Espadrilles Boat shoes Sperry CVO or Bahama Espadrilles how does one pronounce this?
Quote: Originally Posted by TRA8324 espradilles They really shouldn't be worn anywhere outside of the pool/beach/boat. Then you'll just look like every other hipster with a pair of Tom's. do you like these better than Tom's?
Any other options?
you can also go to the oak room or lavo on saturdays for brunch
Quote: Originally Posted by banis Not always. YMMV
Quote: Originally Posted by hatguy ^still no pants and my emails are unanswered as well. I find it is easiest to speak w/ Sal over facebook.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Small-timers. I regularly unbutton my Ambrosi cuffs to brush out stray caviar. Very witty. Bravo.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 LOL definitely not Felix. Jane maybe but always overpacked and long waits. You should go to Cafe Falai on Lafayette - they expanded the space and is pretty roomy now. More importantly, the manager and staff love babies and are super friendly - often go out of their way to accomodate our annoying double stroller enricco, bald-headed chap, is a good guy @ Falai
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