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Quote: Originally Posted by JoSuki Do you need a new analyst? send me your resume: hedgefundmgr@gmail.com
Quote: Originally Posted by R.O. Thornhill - A couple of pairs of cotton and linen trousers from Ambrosi (off-white, bright green) - Some more LP cotton-linen shirts made up by SOF (already done) - Orlebar Brown swimtrunks - A few new pairs of Tod's gomminos (pale tan suede, bright blue suede) - Linen shorts (probably from LP) - A new pair of sunglasses I'm also in the market for a new pair of sunglasses. I have a pair of Robert Marcs...
Quote: Originally Posted by ljrcustom cape cod or the hamptons. -LR jetset
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 yea, tp is only for blowing your nose in our house. i even dab my peen hole with wipes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoood Hmm, this thread left me wanting for more. One last bump before it gets laid to rest? The only thing that would have completed the universal lovefest, would be pictures of AB's Ford suits. I guess they didn't turn out too well... never went through w tf MTM. went bespoke instead
Quote: Originally Posted by AvariceBespoke fabric is a "silk linen basketweave" single breast peak lapel as you can see color is "aqua marine" what is a reasonable price for this coat?
where is the place of choice to spend summers?
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I own a light blue, trim jacket in cotton for summer/spring. I love it and get lots of positive comments. Great with white jeans and white linen pocket square. where did you purchase?
Quote: Originally Posted by mfitz82 Sunscreen. Poplin shirts. Herpecin L.
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