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Quote: Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie +1 on Piccadilly. I picked up a pair a few weeks ago, burnt pine, 184 last. Love 'em. If you want a more casual preppy look (mocassin style), Leffot has some cordovan loafers that look pretty nice. Very expensive though, $600ish. You can find similar looking shoes for $150 in a lot of places, but not in cordovan. Where do you purchase these items? How are they with no socks?
Quote: Originally Posted by Maccimus A raincoat/windbreaker like yfyf's In the same colour?
Hello, I am in the market for a few pairs of beautiful loafers that would be appropriate for the fall. Who are some of the makers of very fine & comfortable loafers? Any bespoke loafer makers? Thank you
New gray trousers? Raincoat? Umbrella? Hat? Sweaters? A bottle of whiskey?
Quote: Originally Posted by R.O. Thornhill Big fan. Getting a pair of emerald green pair of cotton trousers made, as well as a pair of cobalt blues cobalt blue, nice color!
Quote: Originally Posted by JPQ I love green pants. These are cheap, thin cotton ones from H&M from a couple of years ago. looks good
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter I like these two. NewYorkRanger, and (Corrected) - Mao (not the commie one): yeah, those are good looks.
I was referring more to lime green - similar to the RL photo above and the first of the two photos posted by the gentleman above.
Anyone here a fan? who can typically pull this look off? Do you wear green trousers in the spring/summer?
Quote: Originally Posted by AvariceBespoke Is it possible to order frames in NYC? I am in the market for bespoke sunglasses. bump?
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