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I would also like to know about this.
Probably can buy my pattern. In need of half dozen shirts somewhat soon which is why id consider some OTR too. But ultimately would like a new go-to shirtmaker.
What are some if the best OTR options? For a 6'2" 200lbs gent looking for fitted body, high armholes and nice details
YeI dont disagree. Anyone else other than geneva ?
Whats the turn around time and price point? This is a MTM program?
Hello gents, my shirtmaker is no longer in the business and after many years looking for someone new. What are the options these days? Would like to find someone who makes the shirts on premise and true bespoke. Midtown preferred.
I'm back.
What are your favorite shops in NYC? What are key aspects of the perfect blue sport coat? Solid or shuttle pattern?
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