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Quick after work rundown: Lululemon pinstripe trousers, 34. Faconnable jeans-cut fine cotton khakis, 36XL. Very happy score... 100% wool Maison Martin Margiela navy flat front trousers, EU48 -- need to be let down but should fit perfectly. A few TM Lewins --15.5/34.5 standard cuff and 15.5/33 FC. So.. 'lo heads, what do we have here, if anything? Been Had Custom Fit RL-YC embroidery. Ermenegildo Zegna wool/cotton/silk blend polo sweater,...
This begs a broader thrift question from y'all... so the Hickey cashmere coat is a marked 38S with probably 3" of sleeve to let down, but has some wear on the ends of the sleeves that the nap is worn down. The coat fits me very well (I'm a 38R) /excepting/ the sleeves -- presumably if the sleeves are let down it'll have wear lines on the sleeves where they previously ended. So my question is -- does it make sense/is it possible to attempt to have that rewoven, or would...
First time out in ages. John Bartlett (Italy) wool military coat. Hickey Freeman double breasted cashmere. Blarney Aran handknit, Ireland.
Alden x Leffot
JCrew chocolate suede Barrie LWB on waterlock... awesome.
Yeah, I'm a fan of the PTBs as well, but those SWBs are fantastic, and SWBs in general are not a terribly common make.
I bought (and returned) a pair of 10D LHS in whiskey (too narrow for me) and passed on a pair of 10.5D PTBs, and got my 10.5D cigar Indys from them retail as well. The stock isn't constant, but I work 2 blocks away so stopping by isn't so bad
Yeah, FWIW I've walked in to Alden NY a few times and they've had whiskey and ravello shoes on display -- not full size runs, but they're not hidden under the counter.
That'd be me. I missed out on the 10.5 Barrie punch-cap suede boots from Shoe Mart's irregulars list, and wanted some new suede. Still want those boots though!
How does one get on the TSM seconds list (and any 10.5s?
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