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Here we have a nice pair of Paul Stuart - Stuart's Choice "Emile" from the Grenson Masterpiece line, in size 10D. Never worn, perfect condition, with original box and dust bag. Really nice burnished tan color, slightly darker on the toe. Asking $210 shipped in the CONUS.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I got another of this great cashmere scarf. Still have this one?
I was there about 11am and the line was the same laughably long length. Skipped it and went to Loehmann's (which was a bust as well.)
I'm personally a fan of very 'country' styled shoes -- double stacked leather soles, or rubber soled shoes. Examples: Alden of Carmel 'Cigar Cordovan' Crockett & Jones "Cardiff" Alfred Sargent "Appleby" I'm looking to find more interesting examples of "heavier" and less dressy shoes, along those lines. Any recommendations? In particular, I would love to find a brown and tan spectator/correspondant with either a double sole or rubber sole,...
Ya, for me they're great... beautiful, beautiful denim. Really different from the others.
Edwin Lee 1939 cinch-back hair-on-hide repros. Eternal 872. Studio d'Artisan SD-103.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeyYouItsMike The Union Square Filene's Basement has Luciano Barbera dress shirts for $90. I picked one up yesterday and I love the fit. They also have some nice LB sweaters for $150 though I expect those to get marked down pretty quickly given how warm it is in NYC. Agreed. I snapped up two of those shirts as well as a Barbera wool/polyamide (boiled-wool like feel) sweater for $70 (marked down from $590) and a...
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan Surgical strike is the key. I cut through from Cortland to Dey on the way to the subway, and make a 60 second detour looking @ the ties. But you're right, the feeling I get as I approach the Cortland St. entrance must be what a white water kayaker feels as he floats in a pool contemplating the class V rapids below him.... C21 was a zoo last night, many MANY euros taking advantage of the weak dollar. ...
Ugh, wish I hadn't missed this sale... I'm in need of both shirts and boxers :/
Just popped through the 18th/7th Loehmann's to see what was around, and they've just gotten in a big shipment of Lee Premiums, including euro 101B drys and a few washed 101Z's... all for $49. They also have a range of Levis dry Skinners and washed as well, but mostly in smaller sizes. Nice for folks who want to experiment on a new pair of drys...
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