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First time running some CT shops... meh day. Found an entire rack of Canali Exclusive NWT sport coats and suits (literally a dozen of the thing) -- ALL OF THEM with some sort of major damage -- holes, cuts, etc. Still had the basting on the shoulders and sleeves, a crime I tell you! I found one grey birdseye Canali 'travel' SC that fit perfectly, couldn't find any problems... hit the checkout and find a 2cm hole in one sleeve In the end, a few treats.Beretta Italy...
I didn't, I literally came for solely the dopp kit and the Pendleton carpet bag. I don't have the energy to compete on window stuff 99% of the time
So sick!
100% agree. I love Cucinelli but their shoes sorta suck.
I was /shocked/ it was still there when I got there at 10. Did you see the Pendleton bag as well? Shame that one was gone...
Okay, a question. Prada women's leather jacket, pricey ($75) and no markings other than the main label -- leather quality/lining /felt/ legit... Big issue, the lining needs repair.Cop or not? [[SPOILER]] Stoked on this one... Polo tweed dopp/shaving kit.
Hard to follow that, but one thing I'm super happy with and another odd one. SNS Herning cotton cardigan, N/A - love their knits. And a few ties... including this crazy patchwork Peter Elliot.
Saw a H&H shirt yesterday that had Robert Graham-esque embroidery of the H&H name, and no size/content/manufacture tags. Odd.
Heh, to be clear I'm not even REMOTELY mad - I hold no claim to things I'm not holding, and I've missed far worse at estate sales. I do this stuff for fun, to outfit my own closet and that of friends, and fund my own purchases. I'm not totally mercenary, I just love the digging. Making fun of myself a little for screwing up! In the end the thrift gods pay back... Hit one more spot before heading home, copped two Domenico Vacca button down plaids, a Billy Reid corduroy...
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