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Yep that'd be my guess size-wise, 40-42. Same to you! That Prada SC is fantastic!
Canali staple grey suit: Faconnable / Loro Piana Storm System cash/wool N/A Dries van Noten suit Engineered Garments FWK women's cotton jacket. Coupla basics (BB merino cardigan, golden tan Polo wool twill.) Stuff that fits and looks good makes me happy, even when it's not a huge score.
They're Evisus...
Always hard acts to follow round here... great run this week.Jil Sander brown cotton blazer [[SPOILER]] Brooks Brothers charcoal wool vest [[SPOILER]] Hugo Boss cashmere blend button jacket (n/a)Vintage Patagonia MIUSA jacket [[SPOILER]] North Face Hannah wool/Primaloft long women's coatGitman Bros x Opening Ceremony teal w/ purple pinstripes button down oxford [[SPOILER]] Gitman Bros cotton herringbone shirt [[SPOILER]] Hickey Freeman plaid button downAscot Chang gingham...
Ohhhhh... that Hanna Hats sweater SLAYS. SO nice.
The killer Friday continues... after cursing my lack of luck in finding shoes, I found NWOT Oak Street Bootmakers mocs and Quoddy loafers in the span of a few days.Oak Streets from a few days ago:Domenico Vacca pink/red over white stripes. [[SPOILER]] Helmut Lang 100% cashmere [[SPOILER]] Seize sur Vingt cords [[SPOILER]] Mystery cord jacket made of Veluto Duca Visconte di Modrone corduroy. Anyone have thoughts as to who the maker might be? Tags are cut out. [[SPOILER]]...
Couple quick hits. Dale of Norway for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics 2x Billy Reid, one cotton, one linen.
TBH the previous one was shite too, so I'm not dying about this one either.
Thread over.
Yeah it's absurd to me that GW in CT is more expensive than some of the charity thrifts in the city - $25 for a Polo button down? $90 for a Golden Fleece suit? it was sorta comical - I picked up some things at Buffalo Exchange last week that were cheaper!
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