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@richnet12 shipped the faux-Chanel today!
A few fun things, I'm disproportionately excited about the D'Avenza/Davide Cenci suit which I WISH FIT ME -- it's a 38 (marked 48) but with too short sleeves. Be glad to trade it off to someone it fits, working buttonholes so I can't alter! Everything available excepting the Woolrich...Forgive the wrinkles, staple grey D'Avenza Roma/Davide Cenci suit (jacket only shown.) Actual measurements: P2P: 21", waist: 20.5", BoC: 30" (from top of collar), shoulder: 18". Pants...
Weirdly I saw some bro in that same tshirt a week or so ago. I can't believe it's a thing.
@SpooPoker @Nobleprofessor I scored a huge 1920s Goyard trunk at a flea market a while back, and had planned on having Goyard help to restore it but they were really, really not helpful. I did about 250% profit on it so I'm not entirely mad, but I really would have preferred to have kept it restored as a table.
Yep, I'm not sure either. At $2.99/ea I figured what the hell, I'll give a couple away, maybe reline a jacket?Or go full louche vibes.
@SpooPoker I was going to ask if the Chanel was fake or not (figured you'd know) -- it seemed a bit sketch but since they all came in at the same place at the same time I figured it was worth a shot. The others are really nice, hand finished etc.
Scarves are fun.
Is this Levi Strauss & Co. cotton jacket a thing? It's roughly a 36 - S (I wear a 38 and it's snug and short-sleeved on me.) Fabric care label is in Japanese...
That was largely my thinking as well. Feels a touch risky to invest in.
This actually begs a question for me -- what's the threshhold for picking up stuff like this? For example, that RL linen suit was around $100, and in seemingly great shape. Would folks buy or pass at that price? The Agnes B jacket was $40 so an obvious pickup, especially since it fit...
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