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Only thing I found all weekend :sob:
That's super.
@HandersHund that's hero status though.
Another good way of telling is by the buttons -- buttons that closely match the color of the jacket tend to lean more towards suit, and contrasty buttons (ie gold buttons on a navy blazer) indicate sportcoat. Just another signal to use.
Nice score. I sold one of those shirts for $85 not a week or two ago.
The wimminz cup runneth over. No idea how to sell these Calvin Klein Collection for Bergdorf Goodman double breasted ultra-soft calfskin trench coat. NWT Alexander Wang Leather Trim Wrap Dress - $765 at Saks. NWT DVF
Good haul of NWOT/NWT Steven Alan shirts, all size S. Most are still showing their fold lines and rolled-up-sleeves (as SA shirts tend to be displayed.) Couple heavy weight oxfords, couple lightweight. Available. [[SPOILER]] Really nice small (36? marked "S") Hickey Freeman navy herringbone linen, Italy. Available. [[SPOILER]] Lilly Pulitzer wimmins grass green corduroy jacket with elbow patches
Two questions: For those that have dress forms do you have multiple sizes or do you pin back larger items on a smaller form? What's a good source for tyvek envelopes and plain poly bags, ULine the reference?
I wish I had the sewing talent to do a quilt like that. Super cool. Even have a decent sewing machine!
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