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@HandersHund that's hero status though.
Another good way of telling is by the buttons -- buttons that closely match the color of the jacket tend to lean more towards suit, and contrasty buttons (ie gold buttons on a navy blazer) indicate sportcoat. Just another signal to use.
Nice score. I sold one of those shirts for $85 not a week or two ago.
The wimminz cup runneth over. No idea how to sell these Calvin Klein Collection for Bergdorf Goodman double breasted ultra-soft calfskin trench coat. NWT Alexander Wang Leather Trim Wrap Dress - $765 at Saks. NWT DVF
Good haul of NWOT/NWT Steven Alan shirts, all size S. Most are still showing their fold lines and rolled-up-sleeves (as SA shirts tend to be displayed.) Couple heavy weight oxfords, couple lightweight. Available. [[SPOILER]] Really nice small (36? marked "S") Hickey Freeman navy herringbone linen, Italy. Available. [[SPOILER]] Lilly Pulitzer wimmins grass green corduroy jacket with elbow patches
Two questions: For those that have dress forms do you have multiple sizes or do you pin back larger items on a smaller form? What's a good source for tyvek envelopes and plain poly bags, ULine the reference?
I wish I had the sewing talent to do a quilt like that. Super cool. Even have a decent sewing machine!
Yep that'd be my guess size-wise, 40-42. Same to you! That Prada SC is fantastic!
Canali staple grey suit: Faconnable / Loro Piana Storm System cash/wool N/A Dries van Noten suit Engineered Garments FWK women's cotton jacket. Coupla basics (BB merino cardigan, golden tan Polo wool twill.) Stuff that fits and looks good makes me happy, even when it's not a huge score.
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