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Three pairs of jeans for sale, pictures to follow. Iron Heart 301S, W30. Much lighter wear, only one warm soak. Minor signs of wear to the front right pocket and crotch, but still very dark. Amazing, extra-heavy 21oz denim. Too tight in the calves for me -- I'd be happy to trade these for another pair of 301S in W31, or perhaps another jean. Measures 32" waist-aligned per BiG method, 34" inseam. SOLD First, Studio d'Artisan SD-103, W34. SOLD SOLD SOLD Last,...
Yeah, not a bad selection for the last day. Picked up an argyle cashmere sweater ($49 from $495) and silk shell ($12.75 from $127.50) for my wife, and a beautiful Phineas Cole tan unlined sportcoat made from Loro Piana "Cashmere Cloud (93% cashmere, 7% silk)" for $75! Decent selection of loafers left in good sizes, as well as suits. Pretty happy.
Does anyone have a short list of the currently available nicer specs out there? I'm hunting for a derby/blucher style, preferably. I know that Barker, Alfred Sargent, Church's, and C&J (via Ben Silver) all have styles out there, but I'm still on the hunt.
I did pick up a nice pair of "Travolta" boots with crazy brogueing, really nice for wear with jeans. Couple of shirts, as mentioned before -- at $45, not too bad at all for day-to-day.
Those Mantellassi's came from our own discostu of virtualclotheshorse. I picked up the same pair -- fanTASTIC shoes, beautiful in person, wonderfully comfortable.
Pretty (but $$$) Santoni FAM 10.5 Norvegese wingtips. Cool.
SOLD! Thanks to all who enquired.
sale pending.
I'm a huge spectator fan... Barker makes a couple: Jupiter: Juniper: Barker Black:
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