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TBH the previous one was shite too, so I'm not dying about this one either.
Thread over.
Yeah it's absurd to me that GW in CT is more expensive than some of the charity thrifts in the city - $25 for a Polo button down? $90 for a Golden Fleece suit? it was sorta comical - I picked up some things at Buffalo Exchange last week that were cheaper!
First time running some CT shops... meh day. Found an entire rack of Canali Exclusive NWT sport coats and suits (literally a dozen of the thing) -- ALL OF THEM with some sort of major damage -- holes, cuts, etc. Still had the basting on the shoulders and sleeves, a crime I tell you! I found one grey birdseye Canali 'travel' SC that fit perfectly, couldn't find any problems... hit the checkout and find a 2cm hole in one sleeve In the end, a few treats.Beretta Italy...
I didn't, I literally came for solely the dopp kit and the Pendleton carpet bag. I don't have the energy to compete on window stuff 99% of the time
So sick!
100% agree. I love Cucinelli but their shoes sorta suck.
I was /shocked/ it was still there when I got there at 10. Did you see the Pendleton bag as well? Shame that one was gone...
Okay, a question. Prada women's leather jacket, pricey ($75) and no markings other than the main label -- leather quality/lining /felt/ legit... Big issue, the lining needs repair.Cop or not? [[SPOILER]] Stoked on this one... Polo tweed dopp/shaving kit.
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