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@Jompso you seem to do okay regardless of season If you happen to pick any amazing wimminz stuff in a 4, let me know -- I wish that BC skirt was, that thing is killer.
@TGent87 damn no! Didn't see em.
@TGent87 someone's been picking hard! I've been super dry the last couple of weeks at our usual spots...
Zero Odor works remarkably well as well.
The Margiela in question. [[SPOILER]]
I will admit the more that I thrift and grab RL stuff, the more I respect the things he's done. I hate the manufacturing in third world countries, but the styling/conceptualization/materials/construction are all top top notch.
Ask and ye shall receive. The buttons are AMAZING. [[SPOILER]]
Amusingly a friend of mine's GF is my wife's size but taller, and LOVES clothes, and LOVES getting thrifted stuff from me. NWT Alexander Wang runway dress? Sure. A little DVF? Why not. Some other epic bits? Bring it on. My wife does not love the fact that the friend's gf sends me pix of the clothes being modelled... but you know, whatever. SHE PASSED. MOVING ON. Found my first seven folds (Marinella, Paul Stuart) as well as a sick Polo Norwegian cardigan with...
That feel when you cop an '03 MM4 Maison Martin Margiela staple black cashmere cardigan for your wife and she doesn't get it (my wife, for all of her wonderful qualities, does not /love/ clothes the way that I do.) I /love/ Margiela and this was a sweet find.
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