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That feel when you cop an '03 MM4 Maison Martin Margiela staple black cashmere cardigan for your wife and she doesn't get it (my wife, for all of her wonderful qualities, does not /love/ clothes the way that I do.) I /love/ Margiela and this was a sweet find.
Just kegged my 8th batch on Monday... copy of Pliny the Elder (mmm.)
Ok CT, we're cool again.Chicago Bulls satin Starter, made in New Haven. [[SPOILER]] BEEN HAD. '92 Polo USA cookie stadium ski sweater. Mint. [[SPOILER]] Canali Super 120s, brown striped. Just /barely/ too small for me, which kills me as I love the suit. [[SPOILER]]
Tried to defeat CT, and it defeated me. The day wasn't a total bust, however.Beretta women's corduroy shooting jacket [[SPOILER]] Cooper goatskin A-2 bomber jacket. [[SPOILER]] Corneliani grey melange with tan windowpane angora/cashmere/silk jacket. [[SPOILER]] Aldo's/Loro Piana cashmere/wool blend melange [[SPOILER]] Robert Talbott ancient madder (only sold with the paired Boss 'modern' madder!) [[SPOILER]] Pair of Hardie Amies England.Canali charcoal grey with rust grid...
Oh $250 for a 20 year old Burberry raincoat? I'll take 2.
There's a Mani wool overcoat for $150. That club room cashmere for $95. discount ballin'
...and a giant f u to goodwill of Connecticut and their pricing. $450 is a Canali Proposta overcoat, $250 for a Brooks Brothers camel hair.
out in the field - what the hell causes this kind of stippling/puckering under the lapels? bad pressing? it's on a staple canali navy suit but this looks wrong...
I paid full retail for a pair of those Le Chameau side zip leather lined waders a few winters back and have never regretted it. Absolutely killer boots.
@GMMcL heading up to your area tomorrow... hope those CT hardasses don't shank me. The dozen+ NWT Canali suits with slash marks through them (all priced at around $60) were totally heartbreaking, people are a-holes.Some fun finds, and a real mind-blower today.NWT Gant Rugger, Charvet.Black unlined Pendleton 3 button shacket, N/AWoolrich John Rich & Bros quilted herringbone with blue windowpane overplaid insulated jacket [[SPOILER]] ...and the grail of the day, Fear of God...
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