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...and a giant f u to goodwill of Connecticut and their pricing. $450 is a Canali Proposta overcoat, $250 for a Brooks Brothers camel hair.
out in the field - what the hell causes this kind of stippling/puckering under the lapels? bad pressing? it's on a staple canali navy suit but this looks wrong...
I paid full retail for a pair of those Le Chameau side zip leather lined waders a few winters back and have never regretted it. Absolutely killer boots.
@GMMcL heading up to your area tomorrow... hope those CT hardasses don't shank me. The dozen+ NWT Canali suits with slash marks through them (all priced at around $60) were totally heartbreaking, people are a-holes.Some fun finds, and a real mind-blower today.NWT Gant Rugger, Charvet.Black unlined Pendleton 3 button shacket, N/AWoolrich John Rich & Bros quilted herringbone with blue windowpane overplaid insulated jacket [[SPOILER]] ...and the grail of the day, Fear of God...
Church's Custom Grade captoes. Ferragamo Tramezza wholecuts (or as autocorrect tried when I mentioned to @TGent87 "holocausts")
Only thing I found all weekend :sob:
That's super.
@HandersHund that's hero status though.
Another good way of telling is by the buttons -- buttons that closely match the color of the jacket tend to lean more towards suit, and contrasty buttons (ie gold buttons on a navy blazer) indicate sportcoat. Just another signal to use.
Nice score. I sold one of those shirts for $85 not a week or two ago.
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