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Here we've got 7 really, really sweet Kiton ties. All NWOT, all SUPER nice! I'm asking was $110 now $100 shipped per tie. Group shot: #1: Black with caramel diamonds: #2: Wine purple with lighter purple patterned ovals: #3: Green with lavender/yellow stripes over white base: SOLD #4: Pale blue and white stripes: #5: Brown with white squares:
Big drop on the Brioni, but in all seriousness... make all offers. I need this stuff gone!
Will you be re-upping those marked as sold out or are we done?
BIG drops on remaining items. Please make me semi-insulting offers, I need this stuff gone!
Drops on Attolini, Barbera, Borrelli
I was fortunate to recently lose a substantial amount of weight... but unfortunately that means my entire wardrobe needs to be replaced... As such, I'll be listing a bunch of nice items for what I believe to be reasonable dollars in the interest of hoping to fund replacements All prices include shipping in the CONUS. If you feel my prices are out of line, please make offers. The first load, a couple of suits and a bunch of fine sweaters. #1: Cesare Attolini...
Yeah, nothing other than M/L at the sample sale. Nice stuff if it fits you, though. They had a couple of really nice hugely chunky made in Italy cardigans I really liked, wish they had a small tho!
Could the brown Kiton cashmere jacket be let out in the sleeve? I'd need ~25.5 actual length. Beautiful stuff!
bump for price drops... $55 shipped CONUS for cottons. $100 shipped CONUS for wools.
Consolidated all remaining items into the first post, and added three pair of 36US/52EU wool trousers (#15-17) to the first post in the thread as well...
New Posts  All Forums: