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Double pop! First 15milmil15, first Savile Row. Staple grey and navy too.
My favorite suit ever was an Attolini in tan cotton. Absolutely gorgeous.
The tale of the Loro Piana leather continues... I popped up to the same shop again this morning, and inevitably someone had parted with the $85 needed for the jacket in the 30 minutes between when I left last night and when they closed (I got in right at opening.) Because the thrift gods are generous, I copped a folding/rolling garment bag in fantastic condition from Briggs & Riley and a Bailey 'Premier Collection' made in Italy fur felt fedora for less money than the...
Anyway, I ended up with a few goodies -- been having a great tie run the last couple weeks... T&A, Charvet, Peter Elliot, T&A, Seigo Katsuragawa
Well, my problem is that I have /very/ little time to be doing this -- you and so many others in this thread make a real business at this, and are so generous with your knowledge -- I'm purely a dilettante out to fund my own clothing purchases and help find my friends cool stuff. The time value of money on this one didn't pay off, and my thoughts are that a real hardcore LP consumer is going to stare at this and say ....nah. I've got an externally immaculate Kiton...
This is why I ask -- if it were my size I'd cop in a heartbeat and have no issues. The fortunate part is the cashmere /main/ lining is 100% fine. It's the silk/satin/bemberg/whatever sleeve lining that isn't. I think the jacket'd be served well with merely a good dose of cleaning/conditioning, but in all likelihood the pockets and sleeve ends will want to be dyed. I have a /great/ leather place I've used in the past that does immaculate work, but it COSTS. That's why...
...and yeah, it's a question -- the sueded finish isn't like the nice original Loro smooth deerskin, I know the color can be cleaned/restored, but the sleeve relining is probably $75, so I'm into it for $150ish minimum. IDK.
P. sure it was an L, yeah. I'll go back for it tomorrow.
Cop question. Found a black Loro Piana deerskin thigh-length jacket with fat patch pockets, cashmere lined (sweet!) The leather on the pockets and the ends of the sleeves is drained of color and slightly sueded (sad.) Also, the lining on the sleeves (silk) is shot and will need to be relined. $85. Cop or no?
@Jompso you seem to do okay regardless of season If you happen to pick any amazing wimminz stuff in a 4, let me know -- I wish that BC skirt was, that thing is killer.
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