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Received mine as well... by -far- the finest pair of shoes i've had the fortune to own. My wife even commented (exceedingly) approvingly of them.. Thanks again. -s
Union Square. The rack that they brought in from Louis Boston had a number of Gucci shirts and pants, numerous Mr Sims (?) shirts/pants, some Brioni, Lorenzini, Barbera, Zegna shirts. I'll probably go down for the suit sale. Not too much Oxxford but one nice navy windowpane I have my eye on. -s
It was a -complete- zoo by the time I managed to get in -- the checkout line was easily 200 people deep, snaking all through the basement. I almost picked up a brown 3-button Brioni sportcoat at $350, but passed due to total lack of desire to wait in line. Wandered over to Filene's, who have gotten in a shipment of stuff from Louis Boston. Got a nice blue/white striped Barbera for Louis Boston shirt for $79, so at least I got something out of it Filene's Suit Sale...
Wow. WOW. Those are some shoes... -s
eBay, appears to be an odd suit jacket. For the price though, I figured it might be fun to wear with jeans on weekends. We'll see about the fit, but the measurements seem within my appropriate parameters. -s
The size appears right, and the price certainly was... $25. Thoughts? -s
Curses. Haven't gotten mine yet... hopefully tomorrow. -s
The lovely 208s for me...
Ah, $80 Grensons are a thing of beauty. Thanks Chris. -s
thumbs up: don cheadle clive owen apparently bowties have been outlawed this year. -s
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