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Judging by some of the pairs I passed on, some of the 46es measure around 29-30ish. They did have a couple of pairs of 44s.
I was actually going to return all the ones I decided not to keep, but if there really is that much interest I have a small pile of 46-48 (30-32ish) I can put up.
There was a great article in the NYTimes with the costumer as to how they dressed Douglas for the movie. Fascinating stuff.
Well, dropped to $200. Having worn them to work and not beat them (as shown in the photos) I suspect there's plenty of life remaining.
Yes, I did.
Price drop: $225 shipped
I've got for sale a sweet pair of Fullcount 1108s, W29 and L34. Description page from Blue in Green. Only worn half a dozen times, and never washed or soaked. I decided that they'll be too tight in the thighs post-wash, so my loss... Paid $295 + tax, looking to get $250 $225 $200 shipped in the US. Absolutely amazing lighter (13.75oz) jeans for summer.
Friday bump!
SDA sold!
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