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Does anyone have a short list of the currently available nicer specs out there? I'm hunting for a derby/blucher style, preferably. I know that Barker, Alfred Sargent, Church's, and C&J (via Ben Silver) all have styles out there, but I'm still on the hunt.
I did pick up a nice pair of "Travolta" boots with crazy brogueing, really nice for wear with jeans. Couple of shirts, as mentioned before -- at $45, not too bad at all for day-to-day.
Those Mantellassi's came from our own discostu of virtualclotheshorse. I picked up the same pair -- fanTASTIC shoes, beautiful in person, wonderfully comfortable.
Pretty (but $$$) Santoni FAM 10.5 Norvegese wingtips. Cool.
SOLD! Thanks to all who enquired.
sale pending.
I'm a huge spectator fan... Barker makes a couple: Jupiter: Juniper: Barker Black:
Sole length is 11 7/8" Sole width at widest point is 4 1/8"
I wish they were 10.5!
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