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5 and going back
I'm going to have to go back and have a look again today as well... I need more shoes like I need a hole in the head, but at these prices, yikes.
They had definitely put out new things since yesterday -- the tan wholecuts I bought in 10D were also available in black and olivey/brown, as well as the side-lace jobs in walnut and black, and the dark brown pebbled monks (which I really, really want to buy but my wife will most likely throttle me.) Wide selection on the ends of the size ranges (12+, 8-) from what I saw. Cleaned them out of women's knits and shirts -- at $200 marked down to $50 for shirts, and $500+ for...
I was planning on wearing mine primarily with an olive/tan suit I have, but they'll go well with my light grey suit as well. -s
I tend to agree... the tan wholecuts I picked up are absolutely beautiful, and I -may- try to work them in with slim jeans, but for the most part they're probably suit/slacks shoes. -s
I just went by again -- sorry to disappoint johnnynorman and Duveen, but no joy on the items you were looking for. The 10.5s were positively devastated when I just went back, and I saw the linen/leather specs in 8, 9, 11, and 12. Amazing the amount of stuff that's cleared out in the last few hours. I figure I'll go back on Friday for the final markdowns, as I'd love to pick up either some channeled sole casuals, white brogued bucks, or specs at the final markdowns. -s
Duveen - I'm heading back over on a mission for a few people this afternoon, and if I happen to see a pair I'd be happy to pick them up for you. -s, mr. shoe mission.
I think I'm going to head back on the last day to see if I can pick up a few other things at super discount -- I was very, VERY tempted by the black/white specs, but at $180 I felt I should get things that I'll be able to wear more broadly. -s
Quote: Is it still worth going? I was lookng for 10.5 shoes? - Absolutely worth it. I just bought 4 pair in 10D, but there was great selection in 10.5D as well. Wow. -s
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