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Quote: I have had Dynasty do working button holes on several jackets, I just picked up a Corneliani suit last week. Are you a regular customer ? Did you ask prices first ? I don't ask what the cost is up front and they have never said no to any of my requests. They have always charged me a fair price when I have picked up the finished garment. Bizzare -- my wife and I have brought in multiple loads of things over the last few weeks, and had never...
Went by Dynasty this morning to see if they could do working sleeve buttons, and they could not. I've got another sportcoat to do at the same time, so I'm going to try calling around to a few other places and see if I can meet with success. Sorta disappointing, considering Dynasty is right around the corner from me. -s
Super 100s 2b side vent. $225 Sorry for the awful pics, digicam got stolen so I'm stuck with my phone. Grey with a pale blue pin.
I'm curious as well -- my cashmere sportcoat was made in Canada with 'fabric from Scotland' and the suit was made in Canada with 'fabric from England.' Found the original tag on the sportcoat -- $1479. Not bad for $75 -s
It's all over but the cryin' (over the cc bills -s
Looked like a plague of locusts had been through since this morning. Oscar, sorry to say the only 42/43R remaining was a yellow/cream/green silk plaid monstrosity which I figured was probably not worth inflicting upon you. Sorry :/ -s
Oscar, I'll go take a peek -- it's literally around the corner for me. 43R, brown, ticket pocket right? -s
The Hickey-Freeman sale run by the same people is in a few weeks, so that ought to be interesting as well. -s
Quote: I guess the "right" answer would be - "I got the invitation/email and came". They want to have control over the list of people, so maybe they can sell/use it in the future, if they can prove that it's worth something. If there are other channels of communications - it devaluate their sources. My 2 cents. B IT WAS IN FRICKIN' NEW YORK MAGAZINE. I mean, seriously. They have little to be bitter about here.
Quote: Was this a one time or sale or does this sale happen yearly? And no one picked up any 38R they want to get rid of? The last one was apparently 4 years ago.
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