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Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I got another of this great cashmere scarf. Still have this one?
I was there about 11am and the line was the same laughably long length. Skipped it and went to Loehmann's (which was a bust as well.)
I'm personally a fan of very 'country' styled shoes -- double stacked leather soles, or rubber soled shoes. Examples: Alden of Carmel 'Cigar Cordovan' Crockett & Jones "Cardiff" Alfred Sargent "Appleby" I'm looking to find more interesting examples of "heavier" and less dressy shoes, along those lines. Any recommendations? In particular, I would love to find a brown and tan spectator/correspondant with either a double sole or rubber sole,...
Ya, for me they're great... beautiful, beautiful denim. Really different from the others.
Edwin Lee 1939 cinch-back hair-on-hide repros. Eternal 872. Studio d'Artisan SD-103.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeyYouItsMike The Union Square Filene's Basement has Luciano Barbera dress shirts for $90. I picked one up yesterday and I love the fit. They also have some nice LB sweaters for $150 though I expect those to get marked down pretty quickly given how warm it is in NYC. Agreed. I snapped up two of those shirts as well as a Barbera wool/polyamide (boiled-wool like feel) sweater for $70 (marked down from $590) and a...
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan Surgical strike is the key. I cut through from Cortland to Dey on the way to the subway, and make a 60 second detour looking @ the ties. But you're right, the feeling I get as I approach the Cortland St. entrance must be what a white water kayaker feels as he floats in a pool contemplating the class V rapids below him.... C21 was a zoo last night, many MANY euros taking advantage of the weak dollar. ...
Ugh, wish I hadn't missed this sale... I'm in need of both shirts and boxers :/
Just popped through the 18th/7th Loehmann's to see what was around, and they've just gotten in a big shipment of Lee Premiums, including euro 101B drys and a few washed 101Z's... all for $49. They also have a range of Levis dry Skinners and washed as well, but mostly in smaller sizes. Nice for folks who want to experiment on a new pair of drys...
Quote: Originally Posted by digital_denim Thanks Sash. What size did you get and what size do you normally wear. I know they only come in even sizes. I got 34s, and they run true to size. Slim fitting and quite low rise. I'm happy
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