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I love specs, myself, and own several pairs... picked up these vintage Florsheim Royal Imperial V-cleat double sole 1950s specs, but unfortunately they were too narrow (10.5C) so I sold them on. Beautiful shoes, though.
Whoah, those are fantastic! I've got the reverse -- #8 saddles with alpine toes/heels. Where are they from?
Quote: Originally Posted by sashae Happy with these thus far. Ok, welp... got these two months ago, and they're literally falling apart. They're Walk-Overs. The insole is peeling out, stitching is failing on one shoe... should have invested in the JCrew sand Alden bucks in the first place. BLEGH.
Are they suede or rough-out leather?
Dunno if I was said smallish guy, but I ended up with the last two 38R jackets (@ $400/ea) and two polos (long/short sleeve) along with a pair of nice military pants. Really happy.
Happy with these thus far.
I'd been looking at Alden Cigar longwings, but at this price... hard to beat!
Wow that BV bag is somethin else.
Does anyone have a rundown of the currently available models out there? I've been thinking about picking up these Church's as a summer shoe: ...but would love to know what the breadth of my options are. Looks like Allen Edmonds isn't offering white through their custom program anymore (booooo!!!) I'd /prefer/ to find a blucher, but I haven't had much luck in finding anything yet...
Price drop to $140 on the Grensons.
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