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I could have sworn I just saw someone there who looked familiar -- maybe from a forum picture. Slim gentleman, dark hair combed back, fair complexion, trying on a tan corduroy jacket with leather arm patches -- anyone here? I was wearing a white linen shirt and jeans and cruising through the 44R suits. I couldn't resist -- picked up a 100% cashmere caramel with tan and dark brown windowpane 2bt sportcoat for $75, and a grey with pale blue/dark grey super 100s suit for...
Did anyone else find the wholecut shoes a bit narrow? I put mine on this morning and walked around the house, and I'm thinking I should have probably gotten 10.5D... ugh. Hopefully some foot binding will help :/ -s
I had my wife's James and Seven jeans done at Dynasty Tailors on 38th between 5th and Madison, using the original hem. Quite well done. -s
Quote: The boots were often underneath the tables, on the floor. I saw chukka boots, but no Chelseas... -s
Quote: Picked up 3 pairs yesterday late in the afternoon, just as the 3 for the price of 2 pairs deal went into effect. I searched high and low for a pair of double monk straps in black, but alas a gentleman ahead of me swiped the last pair. Anyone with a pair of the black double monk strap in size 10D wanna swap for the pebbled dark brown? Regards, Tom Damnit. ttam, I was going to buy those brown double monks in 10D this morning.@#%.%@#...
Quote: Quote: (Ed355 @ April 14 2005,07:43) Quote: Originally Posted by mussel,April 14 2005,06:44 Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart,April 13 2005,12:55 Here's side-laced in walnut. Can someone instruct me how to do thumbnail with link? Link to large image of above thumbnail The walnut side-laced is devastatingly beautiful. 110% shoe porn material. You have to see it in person to appreciate...
Quote: If anyone sees an 8D wholecut in brown or black with or without medallion, I'll take it. zjp -- the light brown (tan) or the greenish/brown? -s
Can we get a listing of sizes? The 10s, 10.5s are basically cleaned out of Stuart's Choice, excepting a pair of the black angle-lace (which I just can't get into -- walnut, maybe...) The people on the lower end of the size range (9D and below, especially 7.5D, 7D) are in luck. If any of you folks are out there, speak up. Decent selection in 12.5D, 13D as well. Oh, and upon my last visit, two of the sales folk in the shoe section said hi, including one who called me a...
5 and going back
I'm going to have to go back and have a look again today as well... I need more shoes like I need a hole in the head, but at these prices, yikes.
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