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I went down today... good selection of Rogans and Loomstates, all for $80/ea. Sale runs through Sunday, and the size runs are good -- good washes/styles in all sizes. Picked up two pairs of Rogan Originals for my friend, one in Vapor wash and one in Tragic. Pretty nice. -s
Serengeti makes great lenses, and they're constantly available on the cheap on ebay...
Speaking of Japan, what are some of the recommended shops around Tokyo that are worth hitting up? I'm heading to Tokyo for 10 days in October, and I'm trying to plan out a trip to find a nice pair of unwashed, natural indigo dyed jeans to use as a project pair. I was thinking of 45rpm, but any other recommendations would be appreciated. -s
As best as I can tell, there are two sample sales this week that have Rogans, though I don't know too much about either. Anyone else with more info? The first is May 12th to the 22nd. Friends & Family day is the Thursday the 12th 10am to 6pm weekdays / 11am to 5pm weekends 91 Franklin St in Tribeca. The second is: What: Multidesigner Sample Sale When: 5/10-5/11; Tues. & Wed. 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Where: Soho Dance, 598 Broadway, at Houston Street, sixth floor. Why: See by...
Huh, I really dig these, but I question whether or not I'd look like an idiot wearing them. Fun, regardless.
Hmm, sounds like I'll pass this one up. After the Paul Stuart and Nancy Koltes (linens) sales, I need a break -s
Hours: Mon-Thu 9am-6:30pm/Fri 9am-5pm Hickey Freeman brings you beautifully fabricated and superbly crafted men's apparel, tailored in the American style. There is a huge selection of classic and sophisticated suits, sport coats, tuxedos, trousers, dress shirts and ties. Also shop sportswear including knit and woven shirts, sweaters, trousers and outerwear. * Suits now $499-$699, retail $1,000-$2,500 * Sport coatsnow $299-$499, retail $800-$2,000 * Dress trousers...
I picked up my Rowenta Professional (DM880) from eBay for around $75 or so... Bed Bath and Beyond has them around $90. Best iron I've ever used. -s
So who starches their shirts here? How much? What sort of starch?
I just picked up an iron a few weeks ago, and did my first batch of 13 (yikes) shirts last Sunday... slow going, but the shirts look pretty nice. Considering the local dry cleaner wants $3.75 for wash/hand press, I've almost paid for the iron already -s
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