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It's all over but the cryin' (over the cc bills -s
Looked like a plague of locusts had been through since this morning. Oscar, sorry to say the only 42/43R remaining was a yellow/cream/green silk plaid monstrosity which I figured was probably not worth inflicting upon you. Sorry :/ -s
Oscar, I'll go take a peek -- it's literally around the corner for me. 43R, brown, ticket pocket right? -s
The Hickey-Freeman sale run by the same people is in a few weeks, so that ought to be interesting as well. -s
Quote: I guess the "right" answer would be - "I got the invitation/email and came". They want to have control over the list of people, so maybe they can sell/use it in the future, if they can prove that it's worth something. If there are other channels of communications - it devaluate their sources. My 2 cents. B IT WAS IN FRICKIN' NEW YORK MAGAZINE. I mean, seriously. They have little to be bitter about here.
Quote: Was this a one time or sale or does this sale happen yearly? And no one picked up any 38R they want to get rid of? The last one was apparently 4 years ago.
Forgive the craptastic quality (my dcam got stolen Tuesday night, sigh.) cashmere sportcoat super 100s suit.
Stuart's Choice suits (over $1500) (of which there are almost none left) are $250. Any suits over $1000 are $225. $750-1000 are $150 (I believe), and below is below -s
Quote: Quote: (tgfny @ April 15 2005,13:27) PS guy asked me how I heard of the sale. When I told him here, he was not happy. Why? A sale is a sale. This thread is increasing the number of buyers, which PS should want. That's very true. My wife and I had been into the PS store -once-, and found it just a bit intimidating due to the large staff to client ratio. The clothing was certainly nice, but we didn't really know -how-...
Unless you're size 7 or 6.5, that dream is unlikely to be true I bought the last pair of non-tassel loafers in 7.5D, and other than that... well, anything between 9-12 is sold, as best as I could tell (probably some culprit here, I bet
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