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Scarves are fun.
Is this Levi Strauss & Co. cotton jacket a thing? It's roughly a 36 - S (I wear a 38 and it's snug and short-sleeved on me.) Fabric care label is in Japanese...
That was largely my thinking as well. Feels a touch risky to invest in.
This actually begs a question for me -- what's the threshhold for picking up stuff like this? For example, that RL linen suit was around $100, and in seemingly great shape. Would folks buy or pass at that price? The Agnes B jacket was $40 so an obvious pickup, especially since it fit...
Indeed it was Best NWT score for me yet...
Few fun finds, and a lot of more expensive stuff left behind. Will keep checking til it gets discounted! NWT Agnes B cotton SC. Kiton FC shirt. Stone Island cotton/linen 5 pocket trousers. ...and then a ton of stuff I passed on due to cost. SICK Rodex of London raincoat. EASILY the nicest raincoat I've ever seen, mint shape, greenish khaki fabric. These guys are the precursor to Aquasqutum, no? Jil Sander white cotton blazer. PRL "Guaranteed to Wrinkle"...
$225 for both. My son has been blazing like a rock god all afternoon with the volume on blast. Worth it!
Some fairly busted Squier. The Epiphone had a huge bumper sticker on the back, but tis clean as a whistle now.
Guitar and the stack, picked up right as I walked in the door at Goodwill. Surreal. Employee saw me eyeballing the stack (which had just been rolled out) and said SO WE GOT A COUPLE OF GUITARS CAME IN TOO, ONE WAS A LES PAUL YOU WANT A LOOK. Grabbed both and didn't look back, rolled it to the counter and wandered for a bit, 4-5 people tried to buy in the 30 mins I was there.
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