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Estate sale in Greenwich that didn't advertise clothing at all, and was BY FAR the best clothing sale I've been to. Crazy shit - Loro PIANA cashmere robe, Lattanzi croc belt for 10 bucks, all the vapors of the shoes and jackets, a ton of quality beaver felt hats, etc. I ended up with 3 pair of what feel like cashmere angora blend socks by accident after the dude threw em in at checkout. Got both Flusser books too. Legit stuff...
...and yes I offered double and be passed :/
Sooo... I knew I was hitting this in someone's wake as a lot of the clothing was gone, but... Brioni cash. Filson. Filson. Ghurka. Ghurka. PS made in Scotland. Lattanzi, Edward Green, Kiton, Bally shoe and small leather good bags (no shoes left ) Revox B790 turntable
He was unsure if $10 ea was too much put it that way.
He didn't - I spoke to him outside, he said he liked the colors figured they had to be worth something, wanted me to verify if they were legit. Asked me how much I thought they were worth. My facepalm was unstoppable.
TFW the dude in front of you at an estate sale cops 19 Hermes carres for $10 each and doesn't know what he has. I scored big time but not a thriftening cause of this mope. Pictures to follow.
what's up connecticut... Been had ski patrol rugby hoodie.
Quick fit before heading out in the field. All thrift. Made in England G. Kaufman NY barleycorn tweed hacking jacket. Crazy heavy riding jacket from the legendary NYC equestrian supplier. JCrew OCBD Etro reverse seam cashmere v neck. Burgus Plus green corduroys Chocolate suede Alden chukkas Polo ring belt. Random made in England square.
Did okay. First Isaia pop for me, nice birdseye grey flat front trou. Etro reverse-seam cashmere, Hilditch & Key, Corneliani, Zegna. Thrifting ruins you for regularly priced clothing. That Etro sweater was SEVEN BUCKS. Retail on that thing was probably $850 or something equally egregious. My wife wanted a silk-cashmere sweater from Vince for Christmas, $350 new at Barney's (and she's totally happy) -- I wanted to light something on fire after buying it retail. I'm...
Oh random question for Filson heads. I picked up a double mackinaw jacket for self use, and the sleeves are seemingly relatively short -- like 23-24" maybe? Is that normal? I have long-ish arms (like 25.5") so it's a bit odd, I'd figure the jacket would cover up to the wrists for warmth.
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