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I went the same route with B.Nelson using JR double soles/dainite on my 1273S suede Barrie chukkas with commando sole. I used a natural rather than antique welt, but as I've worn them it's been darkening properly (as originally photographed the contrast was a bit strong -- they look great in person though!)
Cigar Indys on a muggy June Tuesday.
Shedding a number of nice ties on the cheap. Prices include shipping in the CONUS. 1. Kiton 7-fold, red stripes - $75 2. Kiton 7-fold, seafoam green/brown stripes - $75 3. Armani white label, gold leaf print - $50 4. Thomas Pink, purple elephants - $40 5. Valentino, black w/ blue toned digital pattern - $40 6. Pal Zileri, lavender with embroidered flowers - $30 7. Paul Smith, pink with green/blue dot stripes - $40 8. Zegna, navy blue/white woven -...
I love specs, myself, and own several pairs... picked up these vintage Florsheim Royal Imperial V-cleat double sole 1950s specs, but unfortunately they were too narrow (10.5C) so I sold them on. Beautiful shoes, though.
Whoah, those are fantastic! I've got the reverse -- #8 saddles with alpine toes/heels. Where are they from?
Quote: Originally Posted by sashae Happy with these thus far. Ok, welp... got these two months ago, and they're literally falling apart. They're Walk-Overs. The insole is peeling out, stitching is failing on one shoe... should have invested in the JCrew sand Alden bucks in the first place. BLEGH.
Are they suede or rough-out leather?
Dunno if I was said smallish guy, but I ended up with the last two 38R jackets (@ $400/ea) and two polos (long/short sleeve) along with a pair of nice military pants. Really happy.
Happy with these thus far.
I'd been looking at Alden Cigar longwings, but at this price... hard to beat!
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