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Oh random question for Filson heads. I picked up a double mackinaw jacket for self use, and the sleeves are seemingly relatively short -- like 23-24" maybe? Is that normal? I have long-ish arms (like 25.5") so it's a bit odd, I'd figure the jacket would cover up to the wrists for warmth.
I recently grabbed a Pendleton Western Wear vest, did okay. I tried wearing it myself and wasn't quite my steez tho
@Fueco check this out. Turtles all the way down
Booooooom. First thing I kopped on a fresh rack after not having been in this shop for a couple weeks. True thrift. Fits perfectly, N/A. SOOOO STOOOKED. [img]
Real or fake? Brand new Jordan 6IX Rings "Laser Edition" with the incorrect box.
Good day. Odd fully reversible cashmere hoodie, green/black no tags. Bottega Veneta unlined cashmere jacket. n/a CP Company and Alessandro dell'Acqua trousers, n/a Hugo Boss Italy camel hair cable knit turtleneck Canali gray grid check jacket
Yo @Nataku how'd I do? Saki 7000 buffalo horn sunglasses..
Those Armani Collezioni coats are f'n killer. I've found a couple, REALLY underappreciated, nice fabrics and the cuts aren't wonky. Nice find!
Nice score @TJGent87
Ties. Did ok.Dries van Noten pinstripe suit. [[SPOILER]] Canali unlined houndstooth jacket. [[SPOILER]] 2x Steven Alan, Gitman Bros. Vintage, RRL western denim. [[SPOILER]] Engineered Garments [[SPOILER]]
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