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@TJGent87. Nice scores! Mad about that RRL . I copped a Filson double mackinaw wool jacket this week so i'm in the Filson boat as well...
Just popping in after a long absence to say hey, glad to see everyone still throwing heat! I switched jobs back in March and have been basically wall-to-wall working. @TJGent87 checked in with me a couple days ago and I felt the urge to see what's been going on. Ironically, my new job which has been killing me timewise is directly above a Buffalo Exchange and around the corner from a NYC Goodwill, so the lunch thrift check-in is still a thing. Would love to say I've...
Love those Nikons, @SpooPoker I have to agree with the vexation on Canali, it's really nicely crafted stuff, but doesn't seem to be valued well. Ah well. Managed to cop only a couple things this weekend, RLPL cashmere tweed and a Henckels Miyabi damascus gyuto chef's knife, new in box. Random stuff at some of my local spots for sure.
@takai You ever want to swap let me know - I'm in NY and get all the NYC beers and a lot of Maine/VT stuff.
Shipping question -- how screwed am I? I sold a Filson bag a couple weeks back, did my usual ship-USPS-Prio-through-eBay thing, USPS picked up from my house and was scanned on pickup, scanned at the next way station... and has disappeared. No scans since 2/27, scheduled delivery of 2/29. Did it evaporate because Leap Day? The buyer says he's spoken to his local PO and has already started with "the package is going to end up in the Atlanta auction facility and be...
So stoked. Spiewak fishtail, quilted Thinsulate lining. Awesome. Good tie run.
I love mine, congrats! The AF is a bitch to get used to but the image quality is fantastic - I've gotten better shots out of it than my Leica thus far, tho still new to the Leica
What the crap @Mr. Moo true thrift??? I've got a silver G2 with the 45mm, it's freaking awesome.
Dem kitten heels.
I told him he made maybe $5k and he almost wet himself. Had to make somebody's day.
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