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Yo @Nataku how'd I do? Saki 7000 buffalo horn sunglasses..
Those Armani Collezioni coats are f'n killer. I've found a couple, REALLY underappreciated, nice fabrics and the cuts aren't wonky. Nice find!
Nice score @TJGent87
Ties. Did ok.Dries van Noten pinstripe suit. [[SPOILER]] Canali unlined houndstooth jacket. [[SPOILER]] 2x Steven Alan, Gitman Bros. Vintage, RRL western denim. [[SPOILER]] Engineered Garments [[SPOILER]]
@SpooPoker bikes are my area If you ever have bike stuff of interest, get in touch -- I know there's a lot of interesting stuff in people's basements in LI. That Rudge would trade on NY Craigs for $250-300 probably -- it's a decent bike, nothing special, but city bikes like that trade pretty quickly. The saddle is fairly shot which is a bit of a damper -- you could probably soak that Brooks in some decent leather conditioner and get it a bit of the way back...
Love JJ Hat Center. Just picked up a Stetson newsboy yesterday, had a good steaming/brushing of my Bailey Premier fedora...
Double pop! First 15milmil15, first Savile Row. Staple grey and navy too.
My favorite suit ever was an Attolini in tan cotton. Absolutely gorgeous.
The tale of the Loro Piana leather continues... I popped up to the same shop again this morning, and inevitably someone had parted with the $85 needed for the jacket in the 30 minutes between when I left last night and when they closed (I got in right at opening.) Because the thrift gods are generous, I copped a folding/rolling garment bag in fantastic condition from Briggs & Riley and a Bailey 'Premier Collection' made in Italy fur felt fedora for less money than the...
Anyway, I ended up with a few goodies -- been having a great tie run the last couple weeks... T&A, Charvet, Peter Elliot, T&A, Seigo Katsuragawa
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