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Thank you for that. This thread seems to be missing this and this
Does a shoe width not convert evenly between US and UK sizing? In other words, does a UK sized shoe with an E width convert to and American D? Sorry if this a an ignorant question.
Traverse City is actually on the northern end of the lower peninsula but it is really nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara What's the somewhat famous resort town in the UP? It's on Lake Michigan IIRC. You might be thinking of Mackinac Island.
You should probably take a roadtrip to the UP. The people there are even more interesting and its beautiful up there.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Biggest disappointment for me was FF8. 6 was amazing and 7 very good too. 8 blew beyond words. 8 was a lot weirder than 7 but I enjoyed it. I thought 9 wasn't that great.
Forgive me if this is asked out of ignorance but why are there no slim fits on ebay compared to all of the other fit? I really like that fit, would I like the slim bootcut or should I just suck it up and go retail?
Nice car, good luck with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher My brother has the Japan-only sequel (it's been released on some package deal for N-64 or Gamecube, I think), and he says it's hard as hell, but he likes it. I think they first put it out here in the States on the SNES calling it The Lost Levels.
+1, the only current BMW designs that don't put me to sleep or make me want to puke are the 3 series coupes. This company has sure lost its way aesthetically from 10 years ago.
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