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I'd soak, but everyone will tell you something different. Basically, the first time they touch water they're going to shrink, so either a) take account and hem them an inch longer than you want or b)soak then hem.
Thats a really good point.
Also sweat, but nail polish or just straight up acetone will do it.On the other hand, it'll smell like acetone, so you'll have to rinse it after.
Hell no. Thats CM, not DT. DT is for boobies, Edina failing, and drunk posts.
Buran, that's the one of the weirdest ways of getting rid of your face I've yet seen.
Wear them.Wash or soak if you want; you can probably wait a few days to see if they're gonna bleed everywhere first. Wear a beater-ish tee and shoes for those days if you're really concerned about it.Waiting on my 16.25 oz, should get here in May, which is perfect timing for mid-heavyweight denim.
Does nuclear fallout give next level patina on VTG jackets?
It's winter. In England.What else do you expect?
At first I thought this was really dark and there wasn't enough of a difference between the navy SC and the trousers. Then I realized I had f.lux set to candle, making my screen nowhere near colour true. I'm clearly an idiot because that's a good example of what lies beyond the Wall.
My standard margarita recipe now includes dark simple syrup - which turns the damn thing olive coloured. It's tasty, but looks pretty bad.
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