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Among like, two whole others.It's probably just "GT and his friends don't like Netanyahu" :shrug:edit: I know GT's American.
I feel culturally appropriated when morons refer to fraternal organizations the local chapter of organized rapists "Greek".
Re: D&G: laugh if you want, I did no homework on that one, just saw "anti IVF, natural families" and a mention of a couple so I assumed they were hetero. My bad. Re: Birthers: Gallop said 13% of Americans and 23% of Republicans were as of May 2011. So not 128. Also I didn't know that as much as 30% of Canadians had union jobs. That's news to me.
I'd avoid being vocally homophobic if I ran a fashion line (frog, tea, etc.)To be fair, this is basically how I felt about Obama's reelection pissing off racist birthers.
To be fair, based off of my Israeli friends facebook posts, it seems like Israel is trying to get him out of office.
This story amused me: http://theweek.com/articles/542937/why-clintonbush-presidential-racefills-nothing-butdespair Mostly because it reflects the despair that I feel about October - Harper going for a decade of slowly turning into an American, Trudeau being a giant pussy and shitting on his father's legacy (1), and an NDP party that probably can't win against the Trudeau name and Harper fear-mongering idiot-wrangling. I can't even get to the economic side of the...
To be fair, polygamy (as actually practiced) is a stupid, time-honoured, male-dominated tradition. There was maybe 1 society that I can think of that had anything resembling polyandrous marriage.The rest was polygynous selling child wives to sixty year old men for a goat and a chicken.
This is great.
Vexillologists (hey, speak of useful majors) generally agree with you... I kind of feel like the US should have just stuck with the 13 stars in a ring version, much cleaner.Then again, I also like the Red Ensign so.... :shrug:
Well yeah, I mean, no one wants another #gaycakegate
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