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You saying that pretty much proves the opposite.
FWIW, it seems like the "indian headdresses at music festivals" went away after "everyone" pointed out it was racist.I feel like Conservapedia is more your speed anyways.
I eagerly await her Gofundme/kickstarter.
Upon looking up the lyrics to that Hank Williams Jr song, he kinda forgot the whole "slavery existing" thing if the South would have won.
JW, but what's wrong with the General in that picture?
This isn't actually true. It came out of research into PTSD around the Vietnam War (right around when PTSD was becoming better understood).
Back in those days, old people had the decency to go on ice floes so we didn't have to listen to their inane, senile bloviating. I'd like to think that we've moved past both of these things.TBH I really don't get the hate for the Kardashians. Like, I hear more whining about them than anything they directly do. Aside from when one of them married Kanye West, which led to Kanye naming his daughter "North West", which is just hilarious.
"transv*****s" is, to put it mildly, not the preferred nomenclature, in the same way that "n***r" is not the preferred nomenclature for African-Americans.
I think you mean if it was a Phillips. Robertson drive is best drive.
Thank you for taking the Kermit drinking tea meme literally.
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