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I've worn these about five times. They are on the Barrie last. Great shoe and in excellent condition just trimming down the shoe collection. $425 $350 LAST DROP $275 Shipped CONUS.
Those are exceptional looking, konda. Thanks for the photos - and thanks to Steve for the very helpful updates - as these work their way through customs ^_^
More grass than ravello, but it's my first time sharing.
PSA: Ravello Modified last, plain toe 10D on TSM irregulars list...
Have a similar defect on some aldens except near the captoe. Was told to deal with it.
These are fantastically comfortable. It's been far too long since I've encased my feet in calf.
What color shoe cream do folks recommend for cognac calf? Thinking of using meltonian cognac on the Unionmade Kirkham
Hey Guys - Selling my 10D marlow wingtips. SOLD CONUS Shoes are in great condition and soles have plenty of life left in them. No box or bags, but I'll ship in an alden box w/bags if you like. Thanks for taking a look!
oh man. I'd be all over these if I hadn't just tapped myself out on some ravello lwb's. someone buy these before my will breaks.
Ah, just returned an L and XL to J. Crew yesterday. Lovely jacket just didn't fit right in the shoulder, both were too tight.
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