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I've only worn these a handful of times. They show very little wear. It's a great boot but making some room in the closet. Thanks for taking a look. Marked 9.5UK on the Robert Last. SOLD
[[SPOILER]] These are so awesome. I know it runs against the consensus here but I think these would look great with a suit, even a more conservative one.
Anyone receive their Cigar Indy's from this recent TSM run? Curious if the color is as dark as the recent cigar that has been posted on this thread.
Just threads the lace over the top of the eyelet instead of underneath it, if I'm not mistaken.
I've worn these about five times. They are on the Barrie last. Great shoe and in excellent condition just trimming down the shoe collection.
Those are exceptional looking, konda. Thanks for the photos - and thanks to Steve for the very helpful updates - as these work their way through customs ^_^
More grass than ravello, but it's my first time sharing.
PSA: Ravello Modified last, plain toe 10D on TSM irregulars list...
Have a similar defect on some aldens except near the captoe. Was told to deal with it.
These are fantastically comfortable. It's been far too long since I've encased my feet in calf.
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