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Quote: Originally Posted by darnold My first pair of Aldens just arrived today from Tom... and they are gorgeous (no QC issues that I can discern ). Kudu Ultimate Indy. Quick iPhone shot... Kudu is a great leather....I think you'll really enjoy those!
Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 I'm not picking on you, but do you think the extremely closed lacing on that boot indicates they're too large for you? I often see shoes laced this tightly and I always wonder. A number of my shoes are at least one width too large and none of them come close to lacing all the way closed like that. These are definitely the right size for me. I have fairly wide, flat feet that don't have a lot...
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatHighway So who has some Aldens on? Let's see some pics! Alden of Carmel AF64 Kudu Indies. Great boots and a great shop!
Price Drop $260.
For sale is a brand new pair of Allen Edmonds Fifth Ave in Walnut size 12E. The only time these have been worn was in the AE store in Orlando when I was trying them out. Included with the shoes are the AE shoe bags, AE Walnut shoe polish, and some cedar trees from Nordstrom Rack. I think all together it would be a pretty good deal for $275 -> $260 shipped CONUS/Canada and Paypal'd. I apologize for the cell phone pictures, if there is anything you would like to see...
Well it's already at $34 with 5 bids and still has over two days left. That sound pretty standard and reasonable for a stained tie.
I *finally* have a great fitting shirt to measure off of and would love to try out MT. Does anyone have a first time buyer's gift card sitting around?
You don't know what you're getting if it's a fake. It's not like counterfeiters have standards they have to meet.
Bought two shirts from AnGeLiCbOrIs. Excellent communication and super fast shipping! I would love to work with him again.
Today it was Banana Republic Cordovan. It's one of SWMBO's new favorites.
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